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4 More Unloved Stocks Going Into My Latest Tax-Loss Selling Portfolio

We'll track a dozen beaten-up stocks that could be subject to tax-loss selling at the end of 2019 to see whether they can stage comebacks in 2020.

Give Lennar Some Time to Build Up

LEN looks ready to trade sideways to slightly higher in the near-term, but eventually resume its rally.

Deere in the Headlights: Where's the Stock Headed After Earnings?

There's one key price level to watch for these shares now.

Home Depot Sags on Outlook, but a Key Price Will Decide Its Ultimate Fate

A close below $230 would weaken its charts somewhat here on Tuesday, but breaking $216 in the coming days and weeks would be a big deal.

I Still Like Housing, Just Not as Much as Before

After the strong run of homebuilders in 2019, the sector simply isn't as oversold as it was to start the year.

Caterpillar Stock Is Skipping the Chrysalis and Going Right to a New Uptrend

Look for CAT to show further gains ahead.

Rising Market Tide Gives This Deep Value Portfolio a Lift

Most of the 22 largely small-cap stocks that make up the portfolio are now in positive territory, with Hibbett Sports leading the way.

First Trip Across the World's Biggest Sea Bridge: White Elephant, Not Dolphins

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is woefully underused, a wasteful project designated a key linkage in the Communist Party's grand plan for China's Greater Bay Area.

Lennar Looks Staged for a Closing Much Higher Than Current Levels

The homebuilder could trade sideways for a bit, but its charts are largely bullish and indicate its shares should build on their gains.

Building Hopes for a Few Housing-Related Names

The prospect of improved housing activity thanks to mortgage rates that are down from a year ago could benefit these stocks.