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Let's Get Right to It: Can You Buy Banks Now?

I've been getting lots of questions about whether money is safe in banks and whether it's safe to invest in banks. Let's tackle that here.

Take a Fresh Look at Where You Put Your Cash

Let's get back to the basics of cash reallocation and see why I'm not freaking out, but I'm also not in a mood for risk.

Regional Banks: Here's What the Charts Are Telling Us

Let's take a close look at the KRE, the SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF.

Bears, Bulls See Completely Different Market as Bank 'Rescues' Go On

The bulls gained some confidence, while the bears scratched their heads and wondered why the market doesn't care about the glaring problems out there, such as with First Republic.

When the Rates Hit the Fan

Let's look at how years of easy money and bailouts dug a hole that got covered with a pile of steaming hot inflation.

Charles Schwab, Snagged Into Banking Mess, Could Be a Bargain

SCHW sinks nearly 11% on Monday alone, but several experts agree: It's no Silicon Valley Bank.

My Trade Amid SVB's Fall? An 'Insurance Policy' on BofA I Hope Doesn't Pay Off

I bought a small number of July puts on Bank of America, after the fall of Silicon Valley Bank. Here's why and why I don't necessarily hope it works.

Here's One Thing You Can Bank On: A Tough Lesson for This Generation

The 1980s has savings and loans, the '90s have long-term capital management, and the 2000s had Enron and Lehman and now we have Silicon Valley Bank.

Citizens Financial Group Lets You Bank on Safe Returns

CFG offers security, but not necessarily a 'home run' win. Here's how to play it.

While Everyone Says Banks Are Broken, Buy This One

Here's a play in US Bancorp, which pays generous dividends compared with the broader market and offers a high-quality balance sheet.