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I've Got a Screenshot That Tells a Story of How Not to Invest

I don't care about playing the Wall Street game. What I do care about is investing to make money and here's how I do it.

After Financial Failures, the Banks Appear to Be Coming Back

As earnings season approaches, let's look at the regional banks for an investment play.

Let's Take Out Some 'Insurance' on the Regional Banks

Here's a bear-put spread on the KRE, the regional banking exchange-traded fund.

Regional Banks Might Be Headed to Uncharted Territory

The regional banking system could now face additional regulations and congressional scrutiny in the aftermath of collapses of Silicon Valley, Signature and First Republic banks.

For Stability and Quarterly Payments, You Gotta Have FAITH

If we believe normalcy will return to the U.S. financial system, this investing plan could give outsized returns.

Those Big Caps Feel So Soft and Comfy, Right?

Let's look at sentiment -- and complacency -- what's up with the banks, and how we should get a bout of volatility.

Big Caps Help Clot the Bleeding, Will Apple's Beat Add a Bandage?

Banking woes and Fed worries cut down the indexes, but now everyone's focus is on Apple's earnings beat.

Banking Pressure Is Squeezing the Market

While digesting the Fed's rate hike, Wall Street is weighed down by sinking financial services companies; and Apple's looming earnings aren't helping.

Lasso in an Opportunity With a Lone Star Bank

I'm making a bet on Texas with this well-run bargain.

The Wells Fargo Wagon Is Barreling Up Wall Street -- But No One Sees It

As bank earnings race in, don't miss the story unfolding as this financial stock turns itself around.