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The Financial Sector Is Rolling Over to the Downside

Here's why I think the XLF ETF looks vulnerable to further declines.

The 135-Year Old Growth Company You've Never Heard Of

I see a 'catch-up' move higher in the wings of Farmers National Bank.

Dividend Seekers Can 'Bank' on These Stocks

New York Community Bancorp, Western Union, and Unum Group all have dividend yields above 5%. Let's look at each.

Banks Have Vault-ed Ahead, but Should They Keep Investors' Interest?

Bank stocks have been big winners this year, but is there room left to run?

Jim Cramer: I'll Put My Money With 'Boring but Lucrative' Any Day

Let's look at that recent downgrade of 'dull' Morgan Stanley and see why exciting is best left for the stadiums and amusement parks -- and not stocks.

New York Community Bancorp's Charts Lack Bullish Conviction

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Big City Banks Offer Clout, This Rural One Offers Good Returns

Here's why Northwest Bancshares is underappreciated and bargain-priced.

When Secondary Offerings Get the 'Signature'

Let's get to the nuts and bolts of secondary offerings and how one worked out with Signature Bank of New York.

'There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere'

Jim Cramer's words ring true as I look at my lists of stocks and how they fared over the past few months.

Investment Principles 101

Here I'll walk you through some basic, but key, principles of investing, and how they've worked in my own stocks.