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Accenture Could Rally to Greater Heights

Traders could go long ACN at current levels.

Chubb Needs to Retest Its Lows to Give Traders Confidence to Buy

A lot of damage has been done to the charts of the insurance and reinsurance company.

Fishing in 2 More Ponds Where Insiders Are Buying

Acadia Pharmaceuticals and HD Supply each have seen significant insider purchases of late.

Here's a Company You Can Count on When in Need of Help

Temp staffing firm Robert Half International is a deal right now -- and it's got great financial strength.

American International Group Could Suffer as Fears of Reinsurance Claims Mount

Let's review the charts and indicators once again.

What About a Deal With HP Inc. and DocuSign?

What boggles my mind is DocuSign sitting out there at $15 billion that could work well with HPQ - or Xerox - and their strong free cash flow.

HP Inc.? I'll Pass

I did look out three months to see if there was maybe an intelligent way to play this name through the options market.

Sometimes You Have to 'Power' Through a Crisis

Epidemics and markets can be better than you'd think -- and create opportunities, such as the one now with Manpower Group.

For Gym Rats, It's Garage Days Revisited

As the coronavirus causes worry about germs in the weight room, more people may exercise the option of working out at home with Peloton.

Time for Some Risk Assessment

While it might be tempting to buy any dip, the coronavirus' quick spread, recent downgrades, softness in services and other factors should give pause.