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A Lesson in How Crown Holdings Can Offer Royal Returns

Profits are in the can for those who invest in Crown Holdings, but the company's stock also shows how doing your home work and sticking to your guns can pay off in an irrational market.

Put Insperity to Work: Stock Set to Rally to New Highs

Aggressive traders could go long above $130 on human resource services company NSP.

The Charts Say Going Once, Twice, Sold - Sotheby's

Let's put down our auction paddles and check the charts and indicators.

Buyers of Brink's: Wait for a 10% Correction Before Jumping In

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Be a 'Goal Achieving' Investor, Not a 'Stress Relieving' One

And Cognizant Technology Solutions currently provides the former type of investor with a rare opportunity.

Cisco Systems Is Poised to Rally Further in the Weeks Ahead

Our latest strategy for CSCO stock.

Alteryx Could Pull Back in the Short Run, but It Is Still Positive Longer-Term

Our trading strategy for shares of this data analytics company.

These Mid-Cap Dividend Payers Have Made for a Snoozer of a Portfolio

The 24 names that made the cut of these consistent dividend hikers haven't done a whole lot, either individually or in the aggregate.

5 Things You must Know Before Tuesday's Opening Bell

5 things you need to know: U.S. stock futures surge on Tuesday, after Chinese President Xi Jinping pledges to open more sectors to foreign companies; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to address Congress about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and more. Watch now!

Podcast: How to Play the Italian Elections and Tariff Wars

We got on the phone with our London Bureau Chief Martin Baccardax to talk the Italian elections, the affect of the potential tariffs and how Jim Cramer thinks you should play it all.