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Self-Driving Cars Could Create a Bit of a Nightmare for Insurers

It's seems that nearly every automaker is touting a future of self-driving cars.

Classic Car Market Still Rolling Despite Drop in Oil, Foreign Buyers

The market for classic cars has been on a roll in the past decade.

What to Watch Friday: General Electric Earnings, Consumer Data

For Friday July 16, TheStreet highlights earnings reports from General Electric Company (GE), Honeywell International (HON), and Progressive Corp (PGR).

Insurance Merger Mania Has Limits Says Allstate CEO

Ace’s $28.3B bid for Chubb last week is a big deal, but don’t expect it to set off a wave of acquisitions in the property, auto and life insurance arenas.

Quant Picks: 3 Property & Casualty Insurance Companies to Buy

With insurer ACE recently acquiring Chubb for more than $28 billion, we decided to check Quant Ratings for other property and casualty insurance companies to buy.

Should You Lease or Buy a Car? How to Make the Best Financial Decision

Deciding whether to lease or buy a car isn't straightforward. Although buying a car is usually better, in some cases leasing does make sense.

Google Unveils New Feature That Compares Auto Insurance Quotes

Google is helping California drivers shop for car insurance as part of a new service that could foreshadow the Internet company's latest attempt to shake up a long-established industry.

Uber Looks to Raise $2.8B to Aid in International Expansion

Uber is growing at such a rapid fire clip that more investors want a piece of it.

Top 3 Phenomena Driving the Latest Millennial Savings Trend

One surprising new trend is appearing on the road as more and more Millennials opt for pay-as-you-drive car insurance.

SUV Brands Head to the Wasatch Mountains for Sundance 2015

The SUV and compact SUV market is white-hot and with gas prices now hovering around $2 a gallon, it shows no sign of slowing down.