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Buying a Home

Good News for Homeowners: Housing Prices Continue to Climb

Here's a look at new home prices around the country.

U.S. Home Values Just Hit a Record $29.6 trillion

The total value of the U.S. housing stock grew 5.7% from 2015 to a record $29.6 trillion, according to a report from Zillow.

Don't Bet on Wealth Killers (Like Sears)

This beleaguered department store chain has a negative book value and huge debts.

Looking to Buy a Home? You May Want to do it Sooner Rather Than Later

Mortgage rates will continue to move higher in 2017 according to one economist who believes they could hit 5%.

Select Opportunities in REITs, Even in a Negative Environment, Says Mizuho Senior Analyst

Rising interest rates are a negative for REIT investors, but there are select names that could be stand outs, according to Mizuho.

TransUnion Sees a Boom in Millennial First-Time Homebuyers

TransUnion sees a boom in first-time homebuyers over the next five years, with three million expected to enter the market next year.

Higher Rates Won't Derail Housing Market, Says CEO of Home Builder CalAtlantic

Interest rates may be going up, but that won't hurt the housing market, says the CEO of home builder CalAtlantic.

Hamptons Real Estate Market to Rebound This Summer After Rough 2016 Start

The Hamptons real estate market is bound for sunnier days after a volatile stock market dinged prices in the beginning of 2016.

New Jersey Estate Once Owned by Notorious Mobster Goes Up for Auction

If you ever dreamed about living like a rich mobster, now's your chance.

Jim Cramer: Toll Bros. Had an Amazing Quarter

Toll Brothers had an amazing quarter and investors should not only think about the company as a suburban homebuilder, says Jim Cramer.