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Buying a Home

Hurricane Harvey Damage In Photos: Video

As we prepare for Hurricane Irma, a look at Hurricane Harvey's current damage in Port Arthur, Texas.

Celebrities That Have Stepped Up During Hurricane Harvey

Big salaries, big donations.

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An analysis by Swiss bank UBS revealed that pilotless planes could save airlines about $41 billion a year.

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JPMorgan Chase saw a double-digit drop in mortgage revenue.

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Barbara Corcoran: This Is How Millennials Can Purchase Their First Home

Real estate mogul and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran said millennials are likely going to need their parent's help when purchasing a first home.

Shark Tank Star Barbara Corcoran on Real Estate, Trump and Career Tips for New College Grads

Barbara Corcoran weighs in on real estate, President Trump and much more.

The Class of 2017 Is Better Financially Equipped Than Recent Grads

Mostly because they're more realistic about finding employment.