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Buying a Home

Should You Buy A Vacation Property in the Age of the Sharing Economy?

The idea of owning a second home and renting it out for profit might seem appealing, even if you aren't part of the one percent.

Wells Fargo Kicks Off Big Banks' Earnings by Meeting Expectations

Wells Fargo kicks off the big banks' earnings season by reporting quarterly earnings that met expectations with revenue that beat estimates.

Citigroup May Pay $7 Billion To Settle Over Shoddy Mortgages

The Justice Department and Citigroup are reportedly close to a deal to settle allegations it defrauded investors on billions of dollars worth of mortgage securities before the financial crisis hit.

FICO Survey Finds Mortgage Lenders See Real Estate Bubble Forming

A FICO survey of North American mortgage lenders found that many are concerned about the potential of another housing crash.

A $6 Million Hamptons Condominium With Shared Swimming Pool

The latest batch of luxury condominiums hit the Hamptons market in late July.

LGI Homes is Building its Brand in the Entry-Level Homebuyer Market

Dallas is the hottest housing market in the United States and Texas-based builder, LGI Homes, is capitalizing in the entry-level home buyer market.

KB Home Swings to a Profit as Home Prices Climb

Further proof of a slow, but healthy, recovery in the housing market, KB Home yielded higher second-quarter profits on increased home prices.

Lennar Homes' Higher Prices Doesn't Scare Away Buyers

Lennar says even though home prices are higher, it's cheaper than renting and that's why the home builder was able to raise prices by 14% in the second quarter.

3 Things That A Glad Trash Bag Could Teach Us About the U.S. Economy

Oftentimes a reading on GDP or existing home sales fail at painting a true picture as to what’s happening in the U.

Buyers Face Tight New York Housing Market

If there is one overwhelming theme going on in the New York City home sales market right now, it's tight supply.