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Buying a Home

Time to Remodel Your Portfolio With This Stock

I see American Woodmark as a 'cabinet level' play.

Jim Cramer: This Is a 'Best of Times, Worst of Times' Moment

If you are in the stock market, if you want to make money, then you want exactly this scenario that's unfolding right now.

Building a Position in This Homebuilder

Because this is a long-term play, I like the entire sector -- but not all of the charts are equally attractive. Here's the one I like right now.

This Reinstated Dividend Might Not Sit Well With You

Here's why you might not want to lean on La-Z-Boy's dividend and instead consider American Financial's.

How to Buy a Beachfront Apartment in Bali

Owning a piece of paradise looks more likely with a major new law doing the works that would encourage foreign investment into Indonesia.

You Can Feel Right at Home With This Little Noticed Stock

American Woodmark is little followed, but quite outstanding.

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Let's take stock of who's likely to come out ahead in this winner-take-all marathon.

Hand Me the Adjustable Wrench, so I Can Build a Trade in Home Depot

As HD proves itself amid this crisis, but has several ongoing challenges, here's a trade idea that requires some flexibility for these abnormal times.

This Company Sells Something Few People Actually Want, but It's Still a Winner

See how this company profits from sales of Private Mortgage Insurance, and how investors can, too.

Jim Cramer: Want Proof of Economy's Strength? Look to Home Depot

But president should use position now to cut a deal with China on tariffs to avoid hammering consumer confidence.