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LPL Financial Represents an Insane Bargain Among Bargains

The positives of the broker-dealer swamp any negatives for those willing to wait out the coronavirus-related volatility that has slammed its shares.

There's Too Much Damage on the Wells Fargo Charts

The decline in WFC started early and that should tell us something.

This Is a Market for Trading, Not Investing: Here's a Way to Capitalize

Try to take advantage of all the trading that's going on.

Morgan Stanley Jumps Into the Deep End With E*Trade Purchase

What I suspect is that the stock price of MS will likely trade in a relatively tight range.

CME Group Charts Point to Bullish Future Despite Recent Correction

Buyers of the exchange operator's shares have been aggressive over the last few months.

TD Ameritrade Could Rebound, Commission-Free Trading Notwithstanding

The brokerage already may have seen its shares discount the recent news about zero-commission trading.

A New Bullish Technical Strategy on Morgan Stanley

The charts and indicators are finally suggesting that a move higher is possible.

Talk to Chuck With This Schwab Trade

These guys are going to make a lot of money by moving to this route.

The Charts of Citigroup Are Looking Precarious

As losses build it pressures people to sell.

JPMorgan Is Seeing Profit-Taking Tuesday Following Its Q2 Earnings Numbers

Let's check out the charts and indicators.