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Buyers of Morgan Stanley Should Wait for Renewed Strength Before Jumping In

Let's review the charts and indicators, and then revisit them in a few weeks.

The XLF Financial ETF Breaks Out to the Downside

The shares are now below the rising 50-day moving average line.

Robinhood and Gang Are Not Really Looking Out for the Little Guy

Online brokers like Robinhood are not making trading so easy because they love your account balance, but because they depend on it for profitability.

Goldman Sachs Has the Right Stuff to Make Money in This Market

Traders could go long GS at current levels and add on strength.

How to Trade Morgan Stanley Stock Right Now

Morgan Stanley's Down Under CEO has helped to move the shares from down to up.

Jim Cramer: If You're Buying These Stocks, You Need to Rethink Your Approach

Few who are buying these names on the Robintrack leaderboard are looking at the side that really matters.

BlackRock Is Poised to Make a Major Upside Breakout

The charts look like they can deliver results.

Why Downside Risk for Interactive Brokers Has Increased

Negative interest rates and negative oil prices are not normal events, but they could be the new normal unfortunately.

LPL Financial Represents an Insane Bargain Among Bargains

The positives of the broker-dealer swamp any negatives for those willing to wait out the coronavirus-related volatility that has slammed its shares.

There's Too Much Damage on the Wells Fargo Charts

The decline in WFC started early and that should tell us something.