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Goldman Sachs Slips Lower and Lower - Stand Aside

Let's check the charts of GS today.

Asia's Biggest Stock Debut in 2019 Fizzles on Day One

The IPO of China's oldest stock brokerage, Shenwan Hongyuan Group, met a tepid response, which isn't the greatest advertisement for new listings in Hong Kong.

After a Bounce Green Dot Could Fall Further

Tech firm/bank Green Dot is definitely doing some interesting things, but its stock is more likely to fall than rise in the weeks ahead.

Ameriprise Financial Could Retrace Some of its Gains From December

I wondered if AMP would look stronger or weaker than other financials so I turned to the charts today.

Goldman Sachs May Rally Now With the Bad News Behind It

What's changed? Let me show you.

Goldman Sachs' Technical Prospects Have Brightened

Prices could test the declining 50-day simple moving average line very soon.

Bank of America Looks Like It Will Hold Support and Make a Recovery Rally

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

JP Morgan Is Weighed Down With a Number of Weak-Looking Charts

Let's see if a strengthening phase is coming.

The Growing Power of Big Banks Like JPMorgan May Cause Community Banks to Merge

Both big bank and small bank stocks have treaded water for most of 2018 despite a strong first half for earnings. But, that could be about to change if mergers descend on the sector.

How a Wall Street Intern Could Become an Investment Bank CEO

Hey sport, interested in going from summer intern at an investment bank to running an investment bank? Take some quick advice from the success story that is Stifel Financial CEO Ron Kruszewski.