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Jim Cramer: Here's Why Stocks Go Down

I remember asking my father this years ago, and here I'll explain -- so get ready to learn about bonds, speculation and even a bit of human nature.

Prices Are on Fire and Powell Is Getting Grilled, but I'm Keeping Cool

Here's my take on the scorching CPI report as the Fed sits on the hot seat on Capitol Hill.

Will the Bonds Pull Down the Market?

Everyone's chatting about the bonds, so let's see where they are and where they could take us.

Worried About Those Rising Repo Values? Here's Why You Shouldn't Be

The Fed's repurchasing agreement program for short-term borrowing in government securities had jumped to almost $1 trillion by the end of June and was a staggering $730 billion on Friday.

As the Fed Spreads Its Wings and Circles, Keep Your Focus on Bonds

The Fed is more hawkish, but what does that mean for investors?

Decoding Bonds' Message, Whacked Commodities, Season of the Witch, 2 Faves Pop

Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia score solid gains on Thursday as the tech sector enjoys a nice day.

A More Hawkish Fed Generates Little Market Response

The strength in the Russell 2000 is a positive sign for stock-picking.

It's All About the Fed

Stay patient, and we will see how things develop when the news hits this afternoon.

Are Bond Yields Sending a Warning Signal to Stocks?

Whether this move was driven by a short squeeze or by a new buyer, in the end, it doesn't make a difference.

It's Still a Stock Picker's Market, But the Fed Could Shake Things Up

It continues to be a good environment for aggressive trading, but we'll need to watch to see if worries about inflation start to have an impact.