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Bonds, Bitcoin and 'Bubblish' Stocks: Where I Stand on the 3 'B's

The belief that a lot of companies will adopt bitcoin on their balance sheets is heavily overstated.

Jim Cramer: What History Tells Us About Bond-Rate Scares Like This

We could have some real pain ahead for some stocks. Five different kinds.

Buy Bond Funds Now

It was all 'fun and games' when the long end of the yield curve was rising, but when the 5-year Treasury yield started to move higher, that caught the Fed's attention.

Yes, We Are Bound by the Bonds

Thursday was the day folks realized that bonds do matter.

Amid the Selling, Here's the Big Question Now

How quickly do we find support, is what we'll want to know now, as the correction is occurring while economic optimism builds.

Ring the Cowbell: Here Are Three Ways to Play the Jittery Market

Let's look at the move in bonds, how it will lead stocks -- and load the deck with some 'b-sides.'

Here Are the 3 Scenarios I See for Rates

Let's see what it would take for inflation pressure to keep building and for the Fed to start hiking -- and what both would mean for investors.

Let's Pop All the Hype About a Bond Bubble

Three things tell me not only isn't there a bubble, but we actually might see a near-term bounce from a trading perspective.

Did You Notice What Happened to Nasdaq?

Let's take a look and see why it might get harder to find winners on the long side.

It's Super(cycle) Tuesday

The 'reflation trade' was the theme of the day as suddenly everyone was on board with the commodity supercycle.