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Rising Rates? Buy These Inflation-Protected Securities

Inflation can get out of control fast. In that case, investors will benefit from an inflation hedge.

Bonds Bounce and the Rotational Correction Is Slowing

Technology names and 'stock picking' are bouncing back Tuesday morning as concerns about interest rates start to cool.

It Is Almost Buying Time Again: Here's My Shopping List

I still really like AAA-rated CLO ETFs.

Let's Talk About the Elephant in the Room

Traders have cashed in elephant-sized returns on a number of stocks recently, but this isn't a meme stock.

Does the Fed Have a Credibility Problem?

The Fed is saying they won't hike, but with recent moves in eurodollar futures, the market is saying 'we don't believe you.'

Biden Bits, Vaccine Vanguard, Unmasking Folly, Minerd Musings, Ives Inklings

Among other things, the president works to align Democratic senators to support his massive Covid relief bill.

Are Bonds Truly a Hedge for an Equity Portfolio?

The key question is will the bond market hold here or has the Fed already started working behind the scenes supporting it?

Is the Treasury Rout Over, or Just on Pause?

Investors who ignore last week's selloff in Treasuries do so at their own peril.

Indices Are Catching Their Breath But Watch for Strong Support

Action like we had on Monday helps create a large supply of buyers looking for entry points.

The Markets Also Rise Quickly

Fear of missing out permeated the day as the indexes bounced back.