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Interest Rates Are Getting Interesting

Let's look at sentiment, bonds and, yes, rates.

I'm Locked Onto This Bond ETF

The setup on the weekly for the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond exchange-traded fund is a thing of beauty.

Wait a Minute: Fed Grows Hawkish and Bonds, Stocks Rally?

Let's sort out the FOMC meeting, what bonds are telling us and how this could all play out.

A Day Never to Forget, Red-Hot Debt Market, Moderna Marches On, Biden Thumbs Up

Plus, Zscaler largely delivers for its owners with its latest results.

Get Ready for Spin City

We are entering a critical phase of the Biden administration.

Here's Why I'm Watching Bonds and Sentiment

During an otherwise boring day on Wednesday, I noticed two curious things....

About That Reflation Trade

Today we are faced with higher input prices and sticky inflation at a time growth is slowing.

How Consumer Prices and QE Are Affecting Markets

The impact of QE is not what you may think, and inflation and rate hikes will have a more direct effect on yields.

Here's Why Friday's Jobs Report Will Be a Big Deal for Fed Watchers

Let see what employment numbers and weakening economic data could mean for policies such as quantitative easing tapering.

Rational Rotation: Here's Why Last Week's Moves Made Sense

Let's look at the key drivers and how they shape my views of owning credit spreads, Treasuries, and in which direction we could see stocks go.