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The Economic Data Have Turned, and I'm Turning, Too

However, Russia's war against Ukraine remains a wild card for the markets.

Are We Now in the Fifth Stage of Rate-Hike Grief?

Lots of other things will drive markets as we end earnings season, and the Fed seems largely priced in.

Will the Bond Reversal Be Temporary?

There will be some narrative put out there about why the bonds reversed should the rally continue, and it's possible all of this action in the bonds will be temporary.

Week That Was, Economic Thoughts, Tough Earnings Outlook, More Fed, Heavy Data

The Macro is going to come at you fast and furious from Tuesday through Thursday.

Balloon Fallout, ODTE Options, The 'Wow' Week, Sloppy Earnings, Charting Bonds

The latest way to gamble on market direction has become 'zero days to expiration' options or what Wall Street now refers to as ODTE options.

Why Is Sector Allocation So Important Now?

The fact of the matter is that the Fed knows as much as the market does, or perhaps even less.

Doug Kass: My Best Investment Idea for 2023

This risk-free pick may provide an equity-like return next year.

While You Gawk at a Rich Man's Tesla Wreck, I'm Eyeing the Bonds

Here's why interest rates are more important for the overall market than one stock, even a really popular one.

Japan Makes a Hawkish Move That Adds to End of Year Volatility

Here's why this more hawkish policy may actually turn out to be more of a positive than a negative.

This Market Would Make a Great Politician. It Keeps Flip-Flopping

Let's see why the market can't make up its mind and why I'm in a risk-on mode.