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It's Mixed Action But There's Still Interest in Stock Picking

The biggest negative is that bonds are weak as inflationary fears are bubbling up again.

Dissipating Fear, Too Much Cash, Elizabeth Warren, Software for Sale, Nvidia

The banks are parking large amounts of dough at the Fed every night. Last Friday's number was the highest single day total since 2017.

The Hawk Is Starting to Circle, so Why Isn't the Market Scurrying?

We can see a hawkish shift in recent weeks, and here's how I see this playing out as talk of quantitative easing tapering picks up.

There's Nothing 'Cryptic' About Good Investing

Let me tell you the most important rule about where to keep 100% of your long-term capital.

Mark This Day in Market History ... for What Didn't Happen

You could sum up Tuesday -- before the close -- as flat. Let's look at what could stir up more volatility.

MarketAxess Charts Present a Mixed Bag

There are bearish and bullish technical signals from the shares of the fixed-income trading platform.

Are Bonds a Bargain Buy?

Let's look at the bull case for fixed income -- and why I'm still betting that rates keep rising.

Afraid of Inflation? I've Got Some 'TIPS' on What Not to Do

Tip No. 1: Beware of Treasury inflation-protected securities. Let me explain.

The Rotation Is Reversing as COVID Worries Return

The market is dealing with a difficult transition as the economy struggles to return to 'normal.'

6 Reasons Why I Can't Be Bullish Right Now

Believe me, I'm trying, but I just can't get there yet.