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Price Action Bulls Have the Near-Term Edge, but Bears Have a Better Argument

The key right now is to be aware of your time frames and be ready for volatility as more news flow drives the action.

Charles Schwab, Snagged Into Banking Mess, Could Be a Bargain

SCHW sinks nearly 11% on Monday alone, but several experts agree: It's no Silicon Valley Bank.

Say, Shouldn't the Fed's Prime Mandate Be to Prevent Runs on Banks?

The central bank's obsession with reining in inflation seems to have come at a cost of putting bond portfolios in the tank and thus some banks at risk.

Market Is Blindsided by an Unanticipated Gut Punch to the Financial Sector

The revelation of liquidity pressures at SVB Financial Group sends the market reeling as it raises fears of potential problems at other financial institutions.

Japan's Longtime Central Bank Chief Departs, Leaving Strong Legacy

Haruhiko Kuroda has overseen his last interest rate meeting, keeping the country's controversial super-easy monetary policy in place.

The Cure for High Treasury Yields Is High Treasury Yields

A lower dollar and lower yields will encourage money to flow into equities, precious metals, and even most commodities. Here's a way to play it all.

The 2-Year Treasury at 5% Looks Hot, Maybe Too Hot

If you buy the 2-Year because you're afraid stocks will fall further, you could be end up buying stocks higher later. Here's my take on this Treasury play.

Bulls Suddenly Become Wary of the Hawk Circling Over Wall Street

For most of the year, the stock market worried little about toughening talk on inflation, but now the idea of half percentage-point hike later this month is giving investors the jitters.

The 60/40 Portfolio Isn't Dead

We are starting to see correlations between asset classes decouple. Just like high commodity prices are the cure for high commodity prices, high yields will eventually be the cure for high yields.

Marching Closer to 'Realization Day'

Tagging 4% on the Ten Year didn't cause the hysteria I imagined it would, but here's what we can expect.