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While Stocks Spin Their Wheels, Bonds and Buck Move

Let's look at the overbought condition, bonds, and the dollar vs. the yen.

Is This a Dull Market, Or One That's Hiding Something?

We haven't witnessed volatility this low in more than a year: Should we follow the old adage of never shorting a dull market -- or should we be suspicious?

Stocks and Bonds: Only One Market Is Telling Investors the Truth

Growing credit crunch concerns are revealing a lot of about the direction of the economy.

Here's the Problem (and My Strategy) If You're Playing the Game of Risk

Analysts are often reluctant to update forecasts, or just don't bother to update them, so they have a built-in 'lag' effect.

What the 'Weird' March Jobs Report Means for Stocks, Bonds and the Fed

Here's what I expect for interest rates, credit and equities going forward.

Economic Weakness, Storm Cometh, Bond Yields, Semis Hit, AI Wars, Costco Sales

In perhaps the most overt signal of a coming economic contraction, the Treasury yield curve continues to warp.

Why I'm Now Even More Cautious to Outright Bearish on Stocks

After the latest positive move in equities, I have reassessed my view.

The Most Important Thing Powell Needs to Do Wednesday

This will determine where stocks are by the end of the week.

Price Action Bulls Have the Near-Term Edge, but Bears Have a Better Argument

The key right now is to be aware of your time frames and be ready for volatility as more news flow drives the action.

Charles Schwab, Snagged Into Banking Mess, Could Be a Bargain

SCHW sinks nearly 11% on Monday alone, but several experts agree: It's no Silicon Valley Bank.