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2 Events About to Occur Will Likely Challenge the Market Uptrend

Here's my overall strategy right now and how I'm playing Uber.

Japan's Central Bank Surprises Markets With Yield-Curve Change

The Bank of Japan has deliberately picked a time when almost nobody was expecting policy change to make a change in its policy.

Bonds Are Back

The Dow finally stopped rallying, but now all eyes are on the bonds. Let's take a look.

Has the Fed Already Steered This Ship Too Much, Too Fast?

Trying unsuccessfully to dodge inflation, we've turned the rudder too far and now we could end up in troubled waters.

A Chart That Can't Be Ignored

Why does the U.S. dollar exert so much influence on commodities, stocks, and bonds? Let me show you.

Mid-Year Review and 2nd Half Outlook: Recession Risk and AI Will Be Constants

There's one thing I'm most excited about and get ready for the most fascinating debate we'll see.

The Fed Is Finally Letting Markets Try to Walk on Their Own

The big question for equities, is how much money got plowed into the market betting on the Fed being done.

I'm Eyeing These 3 ETFs as We Approach the CPI Report

The debate of what type of landing we are having will dominate conversation, but I am not sold on the 'soft' or 'no' landing scenario. Here's my take and the funds I'm watching.

Stocks Are No Longer the Wall Street's Only Flower Child

Let's look at complacency and how it compares to the 1970s.

Is the Debt Ceiling Merely a Distraction?

Rising inflation with weak growth has a name: stagflation.