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Back to the Grind -- in Work and Stocks?

My bet is the grinding is over, and the volatility is here.

Waves of Buying, Above-Average Indices, Vaccine Mania: Market Recon

Plus, reading tea leaves in the recent action in Apple and Salesforce.com.

The Fed's Inflation Push and What It Means for Your Investments

With unemployment at 10%, the 'water in the pot' is pretty cold.

Is the Fed Trying to Catch a Tiger by the Tail?

Here's how Fed policy should affect bonds -- and your portfolio.

Someone Stepped on the Market's Seesaw

But I'm more interested in what's happening beneath the surface.

Bond Prices Will Move Before Normalcy Returns

Here's my 'counterintuitive' bet on lower Treasury prices, and therefore higher rates, right now.

Bond Market Returns Are Going to Be Hit

There's only so much leverage that can be used and it, like so many other things, has diminishing marginal returns.

Are These Moves in Bonds, Gold and the Dollar Making Your Head Spin?

Then let's take a look at Tuesday's action, and I'll tell you why a rally on Nasdaq Wednesday wouldn't be a surprise.

The Cost of Money

Covid-19 has not eliminated the power of compounding, it has just made certain people forget about it.

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Treasury Traders

Unlike equities, or at least the Nasdaq 100, there is little conversation about credit getting back to all-time tight levels -- or even where they were in January and February.