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It's Time for a Fresh Look at Bonds

The first quarter was one of the worst in decades for bonds, but if you've been sitting in cash to avoid pain in the bond market, it may be time to rotate back in.

Hope and Despair, Yield Curve, Shanghai Shutdown, Biden Budget, Trading Costco

The yield curve certainly signals the U.S. economy will have to pass through troubled waters over the medium to even long-term, but it also signals outright economic contraction remains tomorrow's problem, not today's.

It's a Tale of Two Markets: Equities Vs. Bonds

As major stock indexes have ramped higher over the past weeks, bonds and other asset classes have been in distress. Which market is right?

It's Not So Simple as Buy the Dip

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, Fed rate moves, oil prices and longstanding inflation are all creating a wild brew on the market.

Market Push and Pull, Powell's Brutal Honesty, Yield Curves and Spreads, Russia

The lesson is to remain flexible. Always. Let price discovery guide decision making as much as logic, not less, not more.

Amid the Market Chaos, I'm Eyeing This Treasury Bond ETF

Here's a play in the iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond exchange-traded fund.

Look Where Few Others Are: Derivatives

Here's why you should never underestimate the power of derivative positioning in equity markets, especially at this time that looks so similar to 2008.

BondBloxx ETFs Trailblaze Path in High Yield Corporate Debt

These sector-specific funds give shareholders exposure to companies they otherwise would not be able to allocate to.

This Is Not Panic Selling

I see plenty of names that I want to buy as soon as we have a little more clarity on the Ukraine situation.

Unpopular Opinion: Treasuries Are a Good Buy, So Play the Upside

This might be surprising to hear, but the complex tends to move higher as the Fed is raising rates.