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How the July Jobs Report Will Impact the Fed, Rates and Stocks

It is clear the labor market has cooled.

It's Like a Giant Bond Dropped on Wall Street

Folks suddenly 'discovered' on Thursday that bonds have been bearish -- let's look at them, a reading heading to extremes and the TLT.

Fitch Downgrade, Wall Street Reaction, Debt's Destructive Path, Treasury Auction

In essence, just after raising their arms in protest, Janet Yellen and the Treasury Department completely validated the downgrade.

Back to the Bonds

We can only guess if the Fitch downgrade caused the selloff, but we can look at the indicators, bonds and this curious reading on the VIX.

In This High-Stakes Game of U.S. Debt, Do Earnings Really Matter?

To assume that one of the fastest rate-rising campaigns in history will achieve only a soft or smooth landing defies anything we have seen in the past.

The Ingredients for a Market Correction Were There Even Before Fitch's Downgrade

Investor sentiment and valuation continue very cautionary signals.

Investors Yawn at Bonds, but Will This Wake Them Up?

Here's what could get Nasdaq set up for a short-term oversold reading.

Bonds, Rates Help Spur Mixed Action on Wall Street

Even as we wait for big reports from Apple, Amazon and others, the focus of the market is beginning to shift to macroeconomic issues, and here's what could shake up the 'Goldilocks' theory.

2 Events About to Occur Will Likely Challenge the Market Uptrend

Here's my overall strategy right now and how I'm playing Uber.

Japan's Central Bank Surprises Markets With Yield-Curve Change

The Bank of Japan has deliberately picked a time when almost nobody was expecting policy change to make a change in its policy.