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A Time for Patience and Very Short-Term Trading

The most important thing to do at this point is to embrace the fact that we are in the jaws of an ugly bear market and not fight it.

It's Going to Take a While for This Market to Find Solid Support

The primary problem appears to be a continued rise in bond yields.

Nickels and Dimes: Finding Small Opportunities Amid the Chaos

One of the (small) silver linings of rising rates is that cash yields are rising.

Pay Attention to the Bond Market for an 'All-Sell' Signal

The stock market is always the last to know.

Time to Get Reacquainted With Your Old Friend Mr. Cash

Here's how I'd be positioned right now as the Nasdaq finishes lower for the seventh-straight session and the action looks ugly.

The Market Machine Is Making Noises, and Investors Should Listen

As we head into the fall, here are the problems I see in the greater global economy and the markets -- and my take on how to be positioned.

These Tellurian Senior Notes Are a Screaming Buy!

TELZ is chaired by Charif Souki who saw this LNG boom coming a full decade before most did.

New iShares Funds Offer a Compelling Buy/Write Option

The popular fund name that brought us bond exchange-traded funds like TLT and HYG, has been a first-to-market mover with its launch of a series of offerings.

Jackson Hole Is Important, But It's Not Everything Right Now

There are a lot of other major stories besides Powell's speech that investors need to keep an eye on.

A Win-Win for the Bulls and the Bears

Let's look at breadth on the S&P 500, the put/call ratio, the bonds, the overbought market, and more.