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Doug Kass: My Best Investment Idea for 2023

This risk-free pick may provide an equity-like return next year.

While You Gawk at a Rich Man's Tesla Wreck, I'm Eyeing the Bonds

Here's why interest rates are more important for the overall market than one stock, even a really popular one.

Japan Makes a Hawkish Move That Adds to End of Year Volatility

Here's why this more hawkish policy may actually turn out to be more of a positive than a negative.

This Market Would Make a Great Politician. It Keeps Flip-Flopping

Let's see why the market can't make up its mind and why I'm in a risk-on mode.

After CPI, Fed Now Has Air Cover to Go Into Stall Mode

I'm in the camp that Wednesday is the last hike in this cycle.

Bonds as Capital Magnets, Indifferent Equities, Scary Putin, Carvana Crashes

Plus, a look at Chevron's capex plans and the winners of a big military cloud computing contract.

Feeling Like Scrooge, but a Hopeful Scrooge

Here's why I'm in risk-off mode, but still see some hopeful hedges.

Surprising and Not So Surprising in 2022

Here are four takeaways for the year.

Why I'm Very Bullish on Bonds and My 'Complex' Outlook for Stocks

How did I get so bullish on bonds? Several factors.

Stocks Stuck Between Fed Rate Move and Looming Jobs Report

New lows for big-cap tech giants fail to help the indexes.