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Inflation, the Fed and How to Position Your Portfolio Around the Latest Numbers

The evidence that inflation Is slowing Is mostly circumstantial.

Appetite for Fixed Income Is Rising, and This Chart Shows Us Why

Interest rates tell us a story.

Taking a Leap of Faith Is the Only Way to Invest Right Now

This week is do-or-die for the market, as the bear and bulls continue their tug of war.

This Market Is Heading Into a Potentially Explosive Formation: Market Recon

Not only are European and Asian equity markets trading in the hole, but so are domestic equity index futures.

60 Seconds: What is the Yield Curve and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

More people are talking about the yield curve than ever before! So what the heck is it and why should you be looking at it these days? Give me 60 seconds and I'll tell you. Watch!

Video: Here's How the 10-Year Treasury Yield Affects the Stock Market

Worries over the 10-year Treasury yield have gripped the stock market so far this year.

Video: Here Is How Tariffs Affect the Stock and Bond Markets

Both bond and stock investors should be watching the current U.S. trade negotiations with China, the EU, Mexico and Canada closely.

Investors Are Watching Economic Data Through the Lens of the 10-Year Yield

Economic data, such as the monthly jobs report and inflation numbers, are being observed by investors through the lens of the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield.

Don't Get Burned by the 10-Year Treasury Yield: June Trading Strategies

Don't expect the market to take a summer vacation this year. We've brought in the experts to help you heat up your portfolio this summer.

Here's Why You Should Care About the Italian Bond Crisis

Italian bond yields are rising rapidly because the country is laden with debt and in political turmoil. Tracy Byrnes enlisted London Bureau Chief Martin Baccardax to help explain how it will affect us here at home -- because it will.