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Thermo Fisher Scientific Has Strong Charts and Higher Price Targets Ahead

Let's check the charts and indicators.

I've Used a Strategy of Trade-Offs With 2 Biotech Stocks

I tend to only use this strategy to a great extent when I have a negative or neutral view on the overall market.

2 Promising Small Biotechs in a Year That Has Been Tough on Most Little Guys

There are reasons to believe the shares of Dynavax Technologies and Eyenovia Inc. could do well in the months ahead.

Options Play of the Week: Exelixis

This stock has been providing me with a nice 'synthetic' dividend stream for years.

Glimmers of Hope in the Biotech Realm as M&A Activity Picks Up

A recent trio of acquisition deals indicates the doldrums in the sector may be over.

Have Patience as NovoCure Looks for a New Bottom Pattern

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Beware of Taking Immediate Action on Short Reports

There was a lot of reaction to the Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings short report on Twitter Wednesday not too long after it was published.

Is Soaring Repligen a Buy on This Pullback?

A double in five months has my attention.

Take a Pass on Lexicon Pharmaceuticals for Now

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Shark Bites: FDA Delay Is Creating a Buying Opportunity in Beyond Air

There was over $2 million in insider buying earlier in the year so management appears to be optimistic.