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One Man's Plan for Navigating the Choppy Rising Rate Seas

Putting cash to work on significant market pullbacks such as the one that occurred Thursday is a key element of the strategy.

Corrective Action Continues but Start Preparing for Some Stock Picking

The good news is that this action is what is needed for much better opportunities in the future.

Here Are 2 Biotech 'Chunk Plays' That Could Pick Up Nice Yardage

Amicus Therapeutics and Eiger BioPharmaceuticals set up well for using my covered call strategy.

Here Are 2 Biotechs That Posted Strong Earnings

Exelixis and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical are cash rich mid-caps that don't look overbought.

The Stock Picking Frenzy Narrows and Intensifies

The trading in hot sectors remains extremely bullish, but the action is shifting so quickly that many folks simply can't keep up.

2 Small Dutch Biotechs That Could Be Treats Down the Road

UniQure NV and ProQR Therapeutics are companies based in Holland that have promising products in the pipeline.

Inspect the Fingerprints on the Genprex Offering, Before Making a Move

Let's get out the magnifying glass and examine GNPX's selling of 4 million shares and the hit it took on Tuesday.

Biotech Veru Surges Higher, Here's My Buy Strategy

VERU's cancer drug Veru-111 was found to also be effective in treating Covid-19 patients in Phase II trials.

Selling Into Greed

It's almost always better to sell into the greed of the market than trying to ride a greedy nag yourself.

2 Small-Cap Biotechs That Show Promise in 2021

ADMA Biologics and Organogenesis Holdings recently issued preliminary year-end 2020 results that were encouraging.