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Most Investors Can't Kick About the Markets in 2019

Energy and manufacturing were soft spots, but the rising tide of the indices to all-time highs lifted many boats.

Stocks With This Characteristic Are Very Rare - But We Found One

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals has 'lost its gravity.'

2 Potential Targets as Biotech Acquisition Activity Heats Up

TG Therapeutics and Exelixis could find themselves on the shopping lists of other companies.

Carefully Watch Biotech Stocks

Currently this is a stock pickers market and the speculative favorites are doing well.

Trade War News Is the Only Thing That Will Matter This Week

Also, we have the Fed and the ECB issuing their interest rate decision.

Putting My Covered Call Strategy to Work With 2 Dinged Biotech Stocks

Sharp drops in Heron Therapeutics and Supernus Pharmaceuticals have presented opportunities to make lemonade out of lemons.

3 Biotech Stocks With the Best-Looking Charts

Biotech is on fire right now, but these 3 stocks 'sleeper' stocks aren't yet overbought.

The Technical Patterns Paint a Positive Picture

A three-day pullback was exactly what this market needed at exactly the right time.

The Biggest Positive Now Is That Individual Stock Picking Is Improving

What is particularly interesting about the market action today is that it playing out in a very logical fashion.

Averaging Down: How to Invest in Small-Cap Biotech and Not Lose Your Shirt

Use buy-write or covered call orders with just out-of-the-money calls to average down in core small-cap holdings when inevitable declines occur.