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I Like the Setup Into Luckin Coffee Earnings on Wednesday

I wouldn't fault anyone for playing a long volatility position.

Keurig Dr Pepper Likely to Settle Into Sideways Pattern

Sellers of the beverage company's shares have been acting more aggressively than buyers in recent weeks.

Asia's Retailers Undeservedly Punished for Bids to Diversify

Jollibee and Kirin have both branched out in interesting directions, but their shares have been driven down as a result.

India's Largest Coffee Chain Struggles With Death of Founder

Café Coffee Day entrepreneur V.G. Siddhartha was one of India's first venture capitalists, but leaves a letter blaming heavy financial pressure, his body pulled from a river where he went for a walk.

Tall Order From Starbucks: Acting on Its Overbought Reading

Being extended and beyond price targets are not always signals to sell, however, it makes a stock like SBUX sensitive and potentially vulnerable to any disappointment, so watch the price gap.

Jim Cramer: How CEO Kevin Johnson Fueled Starbucks Breathtaking Numbers

Johnson hatched a comeback based on technology and convenience, his strong suits.

Jim Cramer: It's Looking Like the 1980s

Kimberly-Clark's performance is nothing to sneeze at, and neither is Coca-Cola's, as higher sales, higher prices and big demand from emerging markets appear to give us a return to the good old days of great senior growth stocks.

Coca-Cola Looks to Pop Higher

Beverage company could bubble over to the $61 area.

Boston Beer's Wicked-Looking Charts Indicate a Stock Set for a Pullback

The stock price of the maker of Sam Adams is extended, which makes its shares primed for a correction.

Starbucks Looks Extended on the Upside - Lock in Some Gains

Let's look closer at the price action over the past 12 months.