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This Might Just Be Your Luckin Play

Luckin Coffee's strategy of getting Chinese drinkers hooked on java makes the company good for an aggressive play.

PepsiCo Could Pop to New Heights in the Weeks Ahead - If Divergences Are Ignored

Some bearish divergences have raised their 'head' but they might not stop this uptrend.

Trouble Brewing at Constellation Brands

For me, this one is a pass. For now.

Betting Luckin Coffee's Luck Will Run Out

IPO investors might want to cash out on the big gains they've made on Luckin Coffee, the biggest listing of a Chinese company this year. Others shouldn't get in.

PepsiCo Still Looks Bullish - A Higher Price Target Seen

How do the charts look with their latest advance?

3 Household Names Worth Nibbles as Long Plays Based on Their Charts

The trio consists of a beverage giant, a restaurant chain and a money-center bank.

Is Boston Beer Co. Coming Back to Life?

As long as their marketing investment continues to yield desirable results, I think it's a good play,

Monster Beverage Stock Is Breaking Out Today

After Amazon announced it would be launching its own private label energy drinks, MNST did not flinch.

Watching Coca-Cola and Waiting to Take a Swig

The recent decline in the soft drink giant's shares post-earnings is similar to pullbacks in the past that have been followed by nice rallies.

PepsiCo Pops Post-Earnings in a Sharp Contrast to Rival Coke

A small dividend hike is helping to give PepsiCo shares a boost after its mixed earnings report.