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Constellation Brands Is Ready to Break a Long-Term Downtrend

Here's our latest trading strategy on STZ.

How to Play PepsiCo Stock Now

PEP could dip near-term before longer-term gains.

Better Take a Sober View of Beer Dividends

Molson Coors and Anheuser-Busch InBev offer sharp contrasts on how such beverage companies are holding up during the Covid-19-induced downturn.

Jim Cramer: Think We'll Waltz Back to Business? Tennessee Shows It Ain't Easy

The state's pledge may help keep customers safer, but it would likely drive the restaurants out of operation soon.

What's Brewing With the Rally in Starbucks?

The near-term trend is up but I am not so sure I want to join in.

Here Are the Reasons for My Continued Long-Term Investment in PepsiCo

Knocking the cover off of the ball? No, you can't really say that. Excellent corporate execution? Yeah, I think that's probably an accurate way to put it.

PepsiCo Should Eventually Breakout to the Upside, Perhaps Sparked by Earnings

PEP has been in a neutral pattern heading into its upcoming earnings report.

Cannabis Has Become a Major Threat to Alcohol

Cannabis beverages still remain at the bottom of the sales charts. The switch to cannabis hasn't saved the day yet for alcohol companies.

How to Approach Coca-Cola Stock Now

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Indulge in Some 'Sinful' Dividends, but Don't Forget This 'Clean' King

As some alcoholic beverage names move to 'lighter' products to lure health-conscious consumers, PG remains on the ... throne.