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iPhone 7 Models go on Sale Today, Supplies Severely Limited

Apple says all colors of the iPhone 7 plus model are sold out and the jet black 7 is sold out.

Bayer Takeover of Monsanto is Nearly Done, Wells Fargo CEO Won't Resign

The Bayer buyout of Monsanto is almost complete and could be announced today, according to reports from Reuters and others.

IEA Sharply Cuts Global Growth Projections for Oil, Blames Demand in Asia

The International Energy Agency says 'wobbly' demand in Asia will lead to a longer rebalancing of the oil market than originally thought.

Stocks Sell off Globally as World Worries About Rising Interest Rates

Global Markets sell off following Wall Street's worst day since the Brexit vote.

North Korea Rattles Markets, Claims Test of Nuclear Warhead

North Korea says it has conducted its 5th test of a nuclear warhead.

Oil Prices Gain on a Big Surprise Drawdown in Crude Supplies

Crude oil is higher today after the American Petroleum Institute reported a surprise big drop in supplies.

Bill Ackman Buys Chipotle Stake, Meets with Executives on Changes

It's Apple's big day. Apple is expected to introduce new versions of the iPhone and the Apple watch at a media event.

Donald Trump Calls U.S. Economy 'False', Blames Federal Reserve

Bayer has sweetened its offer to buy Monsanto.

August Job Report Number Critical for Interest Rates, Economy

The Labor Department will release job growth and the unemployment rate for August.

Donald Trump Heads to Mexico Today for Surprise Trip With President

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will head to Mexico today ahead of highly anticipated speech focused on immigration.