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Facebook Blows Away Estimates, Stock Soars to All-Time High

Facebook (FB) smashed earnings expectations--again. Shares are hitting record highs in the pre-market.

Apple Stock Surges on Better Than Expected Quarterly Results

iPhone sales were down at Apple AAPL for a second quarter in a row, mainly because people are waiting on new models.

Wall Street Begins Federal Reserve Watch, 2 Day Meeting Gets Underway

The Open Market Committee meets today and tomorrow to discuss interest rates, the economy and geopolitical events.

Verizon Announces Deal to buy Yahoo! for $4.8 Billion

Verizon confirms deal today buy Yahoo! for $4.8 billion.

General Electric Beats Earnings and Revenue Expectations

General Electric says both earnings and revenue came in ahead of expectations in the quarter.

Dow Winning Streak Extends to 9 Days, Beer Merger Gets DOJ Okay

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has hit a record high 7 days in a row and has been higher for 9 straight days.

Netflix Shares Plummet as Subscriber Growth Disappoints Investors

Netflix shares fell as much as 12% overnight after it added far fewer subscribers than expected.

Wall Street Watches Cleveland as Republican Convention Gets Underway

Thousands of law enforcement officers were ordered to Ohio for the Republican National Convention even before the fatal shootings of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Retail Sales Surge in June, Inflation Holds Steady

Strong retail sales figures for June show consumers were spending on home and garden materials.

Stocks Slip as Traders Watch Investigation Unfold on Attack in Nice, France

The suspected terror attack in Nice, France may put an end to Wall Street's record setting streak this week.