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We're Up for Three Days, but That's Not the Whole Story

The market is acting like it has resolved all the recent fears and worries, but that is far from the case.

Good Medicine for a Retest? Johnson & Johnson

A strong S&P for three days makes me leery of what's ahead, but here's an option in JNJ.

'Generational Lows' Are Rare, but Opportunities Are Endless

Some market participants lament that they missed the moment -- a supposed low of a generation -- but the reality is they haven't missed a thing.

Bearish Bets: 2 Well-Known Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Market Action Starts Shifting, but Bear Market Will Stick Around

As volatility slows there should be more trading opportunities developing -- but avoid overnight risk in favor of day trades -- and know we're not out of the woods.

No Way to Sugarcoat This: It's a Crash

We're now entering a time on par with 1928, 1987, and the Great Recession.

Small Steps Can Help Investors Get Through Times Like This

Amid this crisis, many are likely feeling helpless, but there are productive and harmful ways to deal with it.

Too Much to Bear

The economy is shaky and the fear is real, but at some point the bad news overloads us, and we have to start looking for the green shoots.

This Market's Too Thorny to Touch

The key is to buy when risk is low and the potential for sustained upside is high -- now is not that time.

In the Time of Covid-19, It's Risk-Off!

I haven't seen anything in the past three weeks that I haven't seen before, but I just can't model this reaction to Covid-19, so I can't call a bottom.