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Now It's the Bulls Who Get Shocked

After the China tariff news gave the bears a surprise, Wednesday saw a decline that startled the bulls -- but what's important going forward is focusing on controlling risk.

Why Macy's Is at Risk of Losing Its Shirt

Earnings misses, bad planning, and product-line execution problems are all hitting the retailer, but it's the macro woes that will also hurt its competitors.

Macy's Battered After Big Miss on Earnings, Lowered Guidance

Shares of the department store retailer are moving to the lowest level in many years as Macy's also trims its outlook for all of 2019.

Tuesday's Rally Was Not 'It' (In Case Anyone Wanted to Know)

Tuesday's rally was different than last Thursday's in terms of participation and many other indicators -- and no one popped the big question.

Real China Deal May Be Elusive, but Pushing Back Tariffs Makes Real Rally

The indexes exploded higher on headlines that President Donald Trump has delayed some of the tariffs on Chinese imports.

This Market's No Day at the Beach

The indexes suffered substantial point losses Monday, as breadth was miserable and more technical damage hit.

When Indexes Go Low, We Stay High

The key to navigating this market is to stay focused on keeping your accounts as close to highs as possible.

The Storm of August Has Arrived

Who says late summer is quiet -- with the trade war with China escalating, the global economy slowing and volatility in the market rising, you better buckle up.

Dissecting 'Dow Diamonds' to Unearth Clues of Recent Rebound

Was the bounce from the lows a pullback to recent highs to be followed by a failure and new lows or are we heading back to new highs? We don't know, but can make some educated bets by looking at this chart.

Today's Letter Is 'V'

More often than not, bounces like these turn into V-shaped recoveries -- and when they don't, they run over the bears before they fizzle out.