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Dull the Day May Be, Better Stay Ready to React

Watch how the action develops from here and stay ready to move accordingly -- surprise news could to determine how the market breaks out of its current trading range.

Sentiment Indicators Give Ominous Signals

After the wild ride in late summer, several charts now give reason for concern.

Trump's Tough Talk Tanks Asian Markets

Uncertainty spreads as it's never clear what the U.S. president will say or tweet next in the tariff spat with China.

Can We Trust the Market Now?

It appeared we wouldn't be short-term overbought until Tuesday and then market tricked us by turning down Friday.

Don't Try to Rationalize the Extremes

We've got some far out readings and we could brush them off as outliers ... but here's what happened when I did that once in late 2007....

Bird Watching at Jackson Hole? Doves Might Prove Elusive

With uncertainty around what Fed Chair Jerome Powell might say Friday, it's unclear how much dovishness will take the market higher.

Keep Calm to Carry on in Global Slowdown

It's easy to get fired up over fear, rumors and headlines, but don't make bad decisions without good data and research.

'Let's Go to the Charts!'

The challenge now is to figure out when this oversold rally will have run its course, so we can come back down again.

Indexes Rise, but Lack Oomph

The action on Monday sees lots of green but little energy as nearly all the gains were created by the gap-up open.

Was That the Best the Market Could Do?

Sure breadth was green, but Thursday's rally was still pathetic, especially as net volume was negative by almost a billion shares.