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Bearish Bet

Market Perks Up, but Still Stuck in Trading Range

Bears had the chance to sell into the gap-up open, and when they failed to gain traction, the bulls started to slowly go to work, helping improve the action.

Feeling Like Goldilocks

Let's check out a case for the bears as everyone is so gloomy on the trade war, economic indicators and stocks in general.

September Starts With a Sputter

The market is in the middle of nowhere, as the first day of the month lives up to September's reputation of weakness.

Trading in a Tight Spot

The last four weeks the S&P 500 has been trapped in a 3% range -- so, no break yet.

Market Perks Up as Holiday Weekend in Sight

Friday could see similar action, but as trade news or presidential tweets might make headlines, it's important to avoid jumping to conclusions and stay ready to react rationally.

Tough Day to Pick Stocks

Despite movement following statements from the Dutch Central Bank, Thursday's action is mostly technical trading, with no change in fundamentals.

Indexes Bounce Back, but Lack Oomph

The messy trading range action will help charts of individual stocks develop, but there's no technical reason to put cash to work right now.

Bears Have a Point, But Timing Is Everything

The bear argument has seldom been more obvious and the challenges facing the market are clear, but trying to predict what will happen is futile --so just be ready to act.

Market of Misery

With China trade, Fed and slowdown worries already in the mix, the inverted-yield curve news offered no comfort to investors Tuesday.

Cash Looks Better and Better in This Market

With no positive news on China trade, the economy or the Fed, the dreary action on Tuesday makes for miserable stock picking.