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Chart of the Day: China Is Still a Fear Factor for Apple Investors

The risk is particularly outsized given China represented almost 20% of total revenue for the company in 2018.

Wall Street Slashes Estimates as Apple Forecast Foments Fast Fall For Stock

Apple's lowered revenue forecast has prompted price cuts among analysts.

Apple Stock Plummets as Pared Guidance Provokes Market Anxiety

Apple's alarming guidance revision is causing shares to fall even further.

Netflix Commits False Start to the New Year, Falling Flat on Wednesday

A myriad of headlines on Wednesday led to a stalemate between bulls and bears.

2 Stocks You Definitely Should Consider Shorting This Week

These 'Bearish Bets' are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.

Memory Demand 'Air Pocket' Deflates Micron Stock

A demand drag and a supply glut are fomenting a perfect storm to pressure semiconductors.

Chart of the Day: The Cloud Kings Lost Their Crown in the Fourth Quarter

As the market has encountered a bit of volatility and tech stocks began to falter overall, many cloud companies have outpaced the market on the way down.

Real Money Video Wrap: GE Jumps as Analysts Look to Price in Bottom

GE's downside may finally be appearing.

This Is Bear Market Action

Until there is some better action in individual stocks there isn't much to do but wait.

Bearish Bets: 2 Well-Known Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These names are showing both technical and quantitative deterioration.