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Market Looks Pretty Unemotional. Maybe Deluge of Earnings Wakes It Up

The market remains muted on the news, with bad headlines leading to dip-buying and good news failing to produce protracted momentum.

Earnings to Soon Give Insight into Market's Strength

Are we seeing low-volume consolidation setting stage for thrust higher or is this stalling action suggesting a rollover? The answer depends on how earnings season develops.

Market Climbing a Wall of Worry

This is a bullish market that -- rather than celebrating a dovish Fed and new highs -- fears missing out.

Opportunities Are Becoming a Long Shot

The number of contracting new highs means it is harder to find opportunities on the long side, and points to a narrowing, not an expanding, breadth of the market.

After Just Two Days, Everyone's Carefree

Just days ago market watchers were so cautious, but not Wednesday; yet we're still heading to overbought as sentiment is getting frothy.

Market Touches 3000 on Fed Talk, But Will Powell's Words Lose Power?

The market has been running on hopes of a dovish Fed, but when will the market stop celebrating the same news over and over?

Bears Can't Block Buyers Ahead of Fed Testimony

Despite anxiety over a possible slowdown and rate-cut decision at the end of the month, bears don't follow-through on Tuesday as buying picks up.

Luck of the Draw

Sometimes the markets -- like in tennis -- things boil down to the luck of the draw.

Week Starts Off With a Whimper

Despite the trade war with China and the upcoming Fed meeting, it was detachment in the end that likely bogged down trading on Monday.

Monday Trading Bogged Down by Fed, Trade Fears

Not even dip-buying could save Monday as concerns lingered over a looming Fed rate decision following good jobs news and over reports in Chinese press of a lack of trade progress.