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Target Provides an Excuse for Selling but Underlying Support Remains Very Strong

Earnings reports are solid but this overbought market is looking for a good reason to consolidate a big move.

The Stragglers Rally

The banks, smalls caps and transportation stocks finally catch up.

Closely Watching Gold Mining

The group is in position to set up for another run.

Will Earnings Season Cool an Overheated Market?

Earnings reports could provide a "sell the news" excuse for a pullback, but a powerful wave of Fed-created liquidity is crushing skeptics for now.

Hot Markets, Bank Earnings, China Dealings, Trading Tesla, Zscaler: Market Recon

Monday brought more record highs for the broader equity indices. As a trader, the feeling is so eerie. I'm not kidding.

3 Major Banks Report Earnings Tuesday

JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo will be first up.

Banks Lead Off Q4 Earnings, Safeguarding the Yield Curve, Jobs Data

You are hearing talk of an 'earnings recession'. Just talk, my friends. Our marketplace has already been mired in an earnings recession for quite some time.

This Correction in U.S. Bancorp Should Be a Buying Opportunity

Let's check out the charts of USB to see if this is a good level to be a buyer.

Use This Technical Pullback on JPMorgan Chase to Do Some More Buying

Let's review the charts of JPM.

Kass: 2019 Is Over, Let It Go

2020 will likely present a host of different and (likely) more formidable challenges for investors and traders than were confronted in 2019.