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Here's What I Traded Last Friday

If an investor has free cash to employ, they could simply buy what others were frantically dumping, regardless of their low prices and valuations.

You Can't Be a Capitalist Only on the Way Up

Be cautious before getting too aggressive on the long side -- a strong opening could quickly fade.

My Trade Amid SVB's Fall? An 'Insurance Policy' on BofA I Hope Doesn't Pay Off

I bought a small number of July puts on Bank of America, after the fall of Silicon Valley Bank. Here's why and why I don't necessarily hope it works.

The Hawk Did a Number on the Banks. Now Will It Help Them?

The question now: Will the Fed need to be less aggressive with rate hikes to avoid more damage to the banking sector?

Silicon Valley Bank Brings Back Memories of the Great Financial Crisis

What is truly remarkable is how the bank's management did not see this coming.

Here's One Thing You Can Bank On: A Tough Lesson for This Generation

The 1980s has savings and loans, the '90s have long-term capital management, and the 2000s had Enron and Lehman and now we have Silicon Valley Bank.

Banks Might Have Gotten Hit Too Hard

Let's look at the non-farm jobs report, the debt ceiling fear, uncertainty, and doubt in banks.

Time to Hunker Down as SVB Financial Exposes a Growing Number of Naked Swimmers

I doubt I am the only investor making a flight to quality move.

Simplifying Complexity Theory, SVB Monkey Wrench, Battered Banks, Jobs Day

The troubles at SVB Financial once again raise the question of just how interlocking the financial system is.

SVB Financial's Issues Raise Fears of More Troubles Lurking Beneath the Surface

The question becomes whether the problems at the parent of Silicon Valley Bank are more than just an isolated incident.