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Whoa Baby: Here's What Stole the Show as JP Morgan Reported Q3 Results

You want to be long the shares when the company starts buying them again. You don't have to be long until then.

JPMorgan and Citigroup Do Not Look Constructive Ahead of Earnings

The two money center banks are set to report earnings on Tuesday.

Come on Market, Which Is It: Growth or Value?

October can be a tricky month. But all asset classes are linked to U.S. dollar right now.

Jim Cramer: What Investors Should Watch and Expect This Week

This is what's known as a positioning week, and starting Monday you're going to hear a ton of things.

Is the Market Finally Waking Up to the Term Stagflation?

U.S. economic data is showing signs of a slowdown and the job market is in a mess.

The Economic Recovery Moves Sideways

What does it all mean?

This Bank Really Is for 'Investors'

Despite Covid-related disruptions, this year earnings per share for Investors Bancorp remain close to its 2018 all-time high.

This Bank Should Catch Your Interest

Flushing Financial is a Long Island-based bank holding company that now trades close to its March panic low, but remains profitable and continues to pay generous dividends.

Jim Cramer: You Heard the Ugly of the Debate. Here's the Good.

Neither candidate seems to be the enemy of the market -- at least not yet.

The Banks Are Getting Socked Hard, but This One Has a Fighting Chance

People's United Financial posted excellent results in both 2018 and 2019 and looks like a bargain now; here's how I'd play it.