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Goldman Sachs Gaps Higher Following Earnings Beat

Here's our price target for now.

As Wells Fargo Reports, Here's Where I'd Like to Add

A lot of the negative aspects of this earnings release were already priced in, and we're in WFC because their business is largely domestic.

Chipmakers Show Some Life, but Don't Rush Into Building Positions in Them

The same can be said of cannabis stocks as fresh talk of federal legislation to legalize marijuana likely is just that… talk.

PNC Financial Has Yet to Bottom

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Morgan Stanley Disappoints Shareholders and Analysts

MS will likely see further declines following disappointing earnings.

JPMorgan Chase Is Likely to Slip Even More After These Earnings

The shares of the banking giant were struggling even before it posted disappointing second-quarter results.

Earnings Season Begins On a Sour Note

JPMorgan Chase turns in disappointing results and makes cautious comments, which reflects the economic mess on the market's hands.

Upstart Looks Like a Downer, but Should We Give It a Second Chance?

A weakened economy and bear market have exposed trouble at this artificial intelligence-driven consumer lending company.

CPI, Fake News, Markets, Amazon, Trading ServiceNow, Pepsi and Coke, Banks

The large money center banks will start reporting Thursday, and this quarter is going to get ugly.

3 Indexes Push Back Over a Key Threshold, but I'm Still a Bit Gun-Shy

With the June inflation report near and earnings season kicking off this week, there are reasons to tread carefully if you're inclined to be bullish.