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Banks Could Get Whopped by a Recession. But Bank of America Is a Fighter

Let's see why BAC might be a buy amid fears of an interest-rate induced recession.

What This Financial Sector ETF Tells Us About Bank Stocks

Some market observers seem to be waiting for a shoe to drop.

I'm Grabbing Some Bank of America for a Short-Term Trade

What I'm really aiming for on Fed Day is a small profit on a trade. Nothing more, nothing less.

Australia's Central Bank Says It Is Bust

After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market - wiping out all its reserves.

The Citi Is Where the Action Is

I've got a play in Citigroup as banks are outperforming the overall market.

Plant a Few Seeds in This 135 Year-Old Company and Watch Them Grow

This Ohio-based banking name is undervalued by historical metrics and offers a healthy dividend to boot.

The Pendulum Swings Back, but Don't Look for Things to Stabilize

It could swing past the point where things look normal or OK to a point where things look bad again.

Goldman Sachs Exceeds Expectations: Here's How I'd Buy It

GS is fundamentally inexpensive and is executing well.

Goldman Sachs Gaps Higher Following Earnings Beat

Here's our price target for now.

As Wells Fargo Reports, Here's Where I'd Like to Add

A lot of the negative aspects of this earnings release were already priced in, and we're in WFC because their business is largely domestic.