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Kass: The Financial Sector, and My Experience With George Soros

I have to respectfully disagree with Jim Cramer's conclusions in his recent column, 'No Wonder Bank Stocks Have Been Hit So Hard'.

Jim Cramer: No Wonder the Banks Have Been Hit So Hard

From the looks of the stocks of the banks, many of which reported excellent quarters, this group is in real trouble.

Interested in Banks? This Type Could Be Vulnerable for Dividend Seekers

Community banks have already faced challenging times, and now the Covid-19 crisis is adding to the woes.

Market Changes Its Mood -- and Investors Are OK With It

Despite weakness caused by bank earnings and poor economic news, traders actually welcomed with the seemingly logical move downward.

Banks Look Bad but They're Not Dead Yet

The recent underperformance could merely be a bullish flag pullback if we examine the daily chart.

Inflationary Concerns, Banks Report Earnings, Netflix Soars: Market Recon

I did warn publicly back in another epoch that quantitative easing would lead toward increased consumer level inflation.

My, How Quickly We Change Our Views

The banks are changing their stance, so let's see what the indicators say.

Bank of America Could Pull Back and Broaden Its Base Formation

We check out what the charts of the banking giant are telling us ahead of earnings on Wednesday.

Here's My Risk Level for Going Long JPMorgan Chase

I am not convinced that JPM, and most banks for that matter, will quickly return to the kind of profitability they have seen in the past.

A Reason to 'Chase'

CEO Jamie Dimon is back and the firm is in good shape, even if times are rough, so I plan to add on weakness.