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Banks Finally Get Some Love

But despite the breakout, it's not going to be an easy road ahead for the banks.

Initial Returns of These 12 Losers From 2020 Aren't Spectacular but Are OK

There is one standout performer among this portfolio of a dozen stocks that struggled last year, but most haven't moved all that much after just a month.

With Changes Coming to Washington, Here Are 2 Actionable Ideas

I would like to add a bank - BAC - and have always liked United Rentals.

Markets React to Georgia Elections, Banks and Industrials to Gain, Oil Reduced

I will have to give some of my favorite tech names a haircut in the name of balance. Hopefully everyone gained some exposure to gold.

Goldman Sachs Breaks Out on the Upside

Here's what traders should look for.

The Best Banking Stocks Right Now

Our search for stocks that are outperforming the banking sector leads us to the three best individual names.

My Top Stock Pick for 2021

ISBC is up big since September -- and it's still cheap.

Bank on Making Money, Before the Crowd Gets Wise

Here's why my bet is on Flushing Financial.

Trump Signs the Bill, Trading Volatility, Watching the Transports

The president hit the bid in order to avoid a government shutdown, and stop 'the people' out at $600.

Is Bank of America Finally Ready to Break Out?

We have just the recipe for the banks to continue their upside move.