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Bank Earnings and Coinbase in the Spotlight as Traders Struggle

There has been a lack of energy in the market, but things did perk up late Tuesday.

Bank Earnings, Late Day Market Surges, Vaccine Update, Trading Coinbase

Perhaps the most interesting result of an inflationary but not frightening CPI was visible in U.S. Treasury security markets.

Treasury Auction, Earnings Season Kickoff, Watching Nvidia and Microsoft

As we fast approach the unofficial kickoff of earning season, I think it is key to note that expectations are running extremely high.

Rotation Is the Key Issue as Earnings Season Starts

The reaction to earnings from the big banks this week should give us some insight into market sentiment.

It's Tempting to Quit This Portfolio While I'm Waaaay Ahead, but I Won't

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio is killing it, which makes it tempting to shut it down and harvest the profits, but we'll let the experiment roll on.

Jim Cramer: Jamie Dimon Throws Down the Gauntlet

I find his comments about China the most compelling after his salvo about racial equality.

Goal Prices Are Always Moving Targets

When the facts change smart traders always adjust their price targets; Investors Bancorp provides an illustration as to why.

As Financial Stocks Get Hit With the Archegos Debacle, Here Are the Ones I'd Buy

Everyone knows the basics. Last week, the trading operation run by Bill Hwang known as Archegos Capital Management blew up.

Banks Have a Bullish Breeze at Their Back

These low-risk, high-reward calls could easily double.

Suez Salvation Plan, Stimulate U.S. Shipbuilding, Berkshire's Helping Hand

Plus, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida talks about inflation, though his description doesn't sound "transitory."