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There's a Difference Between Dumpster Diving and a Dumpster Fire

This self-proclaimed 'diver' is not touching First Republic, but has an eye on a stock that's been 'lost' for a decade.

The Fed Is Playing With Fire: To Raise or Not to Raise?

Control, or at least the illusion of control, is everything to the central bank now.

Several Predictions About What to Expect in the Second Quarter

The most likely scenario playing out in Q2? Lower entry points will be available for the prudent and patient.

Where to Trade Now? Consider Berkshire and the Warren Buffett Way

It's a place where one can maintain some exposure to the financials while letting Buffett and his team diversify the investment for you.

Four of the Most Important Concerns for Investors and the Market This Week

Things are moving fast, and believe it or not there's even some 'good-ish' news out there.

Regional Banks: Here's What the Charts Are Telling Us

Let's take a close look at the KRE, the SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF.

Here's What to Do Now as Market Chaos Builds Due to the Banking Crisis

The Fed is being forced to help banks and put its battle against inflation on hold.

It's Just Another Riveting Day in a Highly Volatile Market

As my late banker father liked to quip during these types of financial hiccups: 'There is never just one cockroach.'

Exploit 'March Madness' and Profit From Zions Bank's Preferred Stock

Do the math. Markets fluctuate, but calculus never does.

Bears, Bulls See Completely Different Market as Bank 'Rescues' Go On

The bulls gained some confidence, while the bears scratched their heads and wondered why the market doesn't care about the glaring problems out there, such as with First Republic.