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I'm Focusing on the Semiconductor Float in This Week's Earnings Parade

That's because we need the semis to stabilize for tech stocks to begin hammering out a bottom.

Yen at Lowest Levels Since New Kids on the Block Were New

The Japanese currency is not far off ¥150 to the U.S. dollar, with another surge based on the discrepancy between tame price changes at home and rampant U.S. inflation.

Here's How PNC Financial Is Lining Up Into Earnings

Let's check the bank's charts and indicators ahead of the print.

JPMorgan Chase Is a Leader, But Now on the Downside

Jamie Dimon is warning about a recession as the bank gets set to report earnings this week.

Checking Goldman Sachs Ahead of Earnings

Let's dive in on the charts and see what's in store for the stock.

Revisiting a Previous Pick -- Now at an Even Lower Price

This is the beauty of ugly bear markets. They often make even terrific company shares go inexplicably below fair value.

Credit Suisse's Health Concerns Might Force the Fed to Pivot

And the Fed likely wouldn't be the only central bank to back off its rate hike plans if the Zurich-based investment bank does indeed have problems.

Credit Suisse Shares Can Still Fall Further

Investors and clients of financial institutions like well run firms. Here's what to avoid.

Stock Picking Languishes as Traders Keep Hunting For Oversold Index Bounces

Valuations and the merits of individual stocks just aren't significant right now as many people largely trade index ETFs.

Fed in Overdrive, Economic Hardship, Technical Rally?, Credit Suisse, OPEC+

In the here and now, it does appear to me, at least the broader US equity markets are potentially set up for a technical rally this week.