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The Financial Fund XLF Is Starting to Look Like Money in the Bank

Let's check the charts of the Financial Select Sector SPDR exchange-traded fund.

For Stability and Quarterly Payments, You Gotta Have FAITH

If we believe normalcy will return to the U.S. financial system, this investing plan could give outsized returns.

Put This Preferred 'Bench Player' in Your Investment Starting Lineup

These shares allow you to make a call about the future prospects of the U.S. equity market while getting paid in the interim.

This Option Play Should Make Some 'Bread'

Let's look at this Ohio-based financial services name -- with credit partners that include Victoria's Secret -- and why the bad news should be priced in already.

Here's How to Play What Could Be the Long-Awaited Bottom in Regional Banks

Wednesday's powerful move in a popular regional banking ETF may set it up for more gains to come.

Debt Ceiling Algo Paradise, Regional Banks Pop, Trading ServiceNow, Nvidia, AMD

Traders are likely leading investors. Investors remain less convinced, while traders are taking advantage of (or intentionally creating) momentum.

I'd Like to Say It's a Good Time to Buy, But That Would Be a Lie

Here is one good idea I'm tracking, but I'm not willing to put much cash to work right now.

What's in Your Wallet Warren Buffett? Capital One Financial

Let's check out COF shares as they rise on Berkshire's 13F filing.

'Sell In May and Go Away' Rarely Has Been More Appropriate Advice

The combination of little earnings growth, a deeply inverted yield curve and a likely credit crunch ahead makes it a good time to take a break from trading.

Two Banking Crisis Plays: One for the Optimists, One for the Pessimists

These recommendations from investment experts should satisfy investors' tastes no matter what your take on the issue.