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It Pays to Be Contrarian. Bank on It

The panic selling beating banks took made sense in March. Here's what didn't make sense.

Preparing to Whittle Down My Annual Portfolio of Rebound Candidates

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio still has plenty of potential members, but it will be cut to 12 soon enough.

Let's Go 'BAC' to the Banks

Here we'll look at Bank of America's December calls.

I'd Sign Off on Plans to Invest in This Bank

Signature Bank offers incredible upside, low risk, and a nice yield.

New York Community Bancorp's Charts Have Not Bottomed Yet

Avoid the long side.

A Prudent Time to Bet on Big Banks?

A value investor reviews six big Wall Street banks following their recent strong earnings reports.

Jim Cramer: How to Play the Inevitable Stimulus

Go with the banks. They are cheap and we learned this week with that big move up in rates, they will too.

Election Hopes, Buoyant Banks, Labor Labors Less, FDA's Remdesivir Thumbs Up

Plus, a quick look at Southwest Airlines and why it remains the one airline to own.

'Inside Day', Electoral Risk, Banking Stocks, Stimulus Immediately Needed

There is a presidential debate on Thursday. The market is being forced to adjust for renewed potential uncertainty.

Kass: Are Banks an Unprecedented Longer Term Opportunity?

Should bank stocks make a move higher from here, the machines and algos will be following and buying bank stocks.