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The Charts of Green Dot Are Looking a 'Little Green Around the Gills' Lately

Let's see how bad the charts look.

Hong Kong Protesters Try to Start a Run on the Banks and the Currency

After China's airline regulator put pressure on Hong Kong's main airline, pro-democracy protesters have decided to put pressure on the city's banks.

How to Use a Buy-Write Options Strategy With Out-Of-Favor ETFs

Financials and energy ETFs aren't faring well in the current environment, but there still is a way to make money on them.

The Charts of Citigroup Are Looking Precarious

As losses build it pressures people to sell.

Argentina's Cresud Suffers at the Hands of a Country in Turmoil

The diversified farming and real estate giant saw its shares lose more than one-third of their value this week after a foreboding primary election outcome.

8 Top Bank Stock Picks for Value

These names all recently reported earnings and are on the buy list of a leading value investor.

You Can Still Bank on Charles Schwab

At lower prices, SCHW looks more attractive than ever, so consider buying some LEAP call options.

Despite Some Past Bumps, This Wagon Offers a Pretty Good Ride

With its tarnished reputation and general market malaise, Wells Fargo offers a low-risk entry price.

Here's Dividend-Yielding Bank People Can 'Unite' Around

People's United has a dividend yield of 4.29% and is buying holding bank United Financial.

PayPal's Earnings May Have Disappointed but Its Chart Is 'BTF'

PYPL looks like it will only make a modest decline in the weeks ahead.