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Tesla Short Interest Surges as Skepticism Abounds on Loan Deal

Tesla short sellers are renewing their revolt against Tesla after a recent capital raise initially sent the stock rallying.

The Race to Full Self-Driving Is the Real Finish Line for Uber

Uber's IPO move could be a blip on the road to autonomous driving.

Is the Market Ready to Ride With Uber?

Uber is generating both excitement and anxiety on Friday.

4 Chinese Stocks I'll Be Buying if the Shanghai Market Continues to Dive

I would love to see a real implosion in the Shanghai market caused by trade tremors. Why? Because I don't own any Chinese equities and yet still believe in the country's long-term growth stories.

With Carvana, I'm Willing to Take a Small Roll of the Dice Here

CVNA reports earnings tonight, it's sitting at all-time highs, and the stock has barely paused in its climb since mid-February.

Why Isn't Musk's Monstrosity Self-Funding?

Ignore the Musk-mania in the media and focus on the numbers with Tesla.

Jim Cramer: Don't Try to Predict the Cycle, Game the 'Gamers' Instead

The big portfolio managers get ahead of the turn in cycles -- as we can see in oil services, semiconductors and autos, among other sectors. Here's how to play their game.

Goldman Sachs, Citi Aid Tesla Capital Raise Despite Analysts Advising 'Sell'

Banks are helping buoy Tesla despite diverging opinions from their own analysts.

Is Elon Musk Mortgaging Tesla Shares Against a Potential Margin Call?

Short-sellers are pointing to a big risk for Tesla investors and an opportunity for traders.

5 Earnings Reports I'm Watching This Week

Keep a close eye on these earnings reports due out Thursday and Friday.