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Jim Cramer: As Amazon Soars, Exxon Mobil and Fossil Fuels Fade

Amazon is a main reason why you should have faith that our country remains the leader in technology. Oil companies like Exxon may just be on the wrong side of history. Ask Elon Musk.

Somebody Needs to Pull Over Tesla, and Fast

TSLA shorts are getting flattened as shares continue to race higher.

Tesla Shares Soar Into the Stratosphere

Prices can get pushed to ever higher levels as shorts cover and others pay up for growth.

Jim Cramer: Tesla's Blowout Quarter Blew Shorts Out of the Water

Tesla has the 3 key ingredients that help a loss-making company to succeed: the brute force of the founder, the unbelievable nature of the product and breathtaking execution.

Fast Food, Coffee and a 'Hog' -- These Are 3 Stocks to Watch This Week

These iconic American brands have shown uneven progress lately -- and here's what to watch with their most recent quarter.

This Is What (Short) Squeezing Into a Tesla Looks Like

Price action, volume and volatility tell the whole story, and here's what to expect soon.

Market Leadership Is Turning Too Frothy for My Tastes

Tesla and even tech stalwart Apple are sporting valuations that appear high relative to their growth prospects.

Jim Cramer: Think of Tesla as a Tech Equity, Not an Auto Stock

What does Tesla do? It's an electronic delivery vehicle. Right now others have cars that are electrified but they are not electronic delivery companies like Tesla is. That's right, it is not a car.

Folks Say Apple's Gone Parabolic. I Say That's Hyperbole

Let's look at this stock's rise compared with Qualcomm in 1999 and even Tesla now.

His Name Is Jonas, and on Tesla, He's Carrying the Wheel

Thank Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas for all he's shown us on the problem with TSLA.