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Jim Cramer: Tesla Is a Phenomenon

The stock opens higher each morning like clockwork and it has no resistance.

Jim Cramer: Why I Became a Tesla True Believer but Remain a Netflix Skeptic

There are 3 things that distinguish these stocks from regular run of the mill equities.

How to Get Into Tesla

Let's explore a few areas of entry on the daily chart that are worth looking at.

CarGurus: When to Rev It Up and Go Long

Let's check out the charts of this online car shopping site.

Tesla Gets the Red Flag

The electric carmaker's charts have formed a bear flag, a pattern that projects further downside in its stock.

Tesla Made Some Bizarre Choices With Its Cybertruck Design and Branding

Though the Cybertruck has impressive specs, its design and very name are likely to alienate much of its addressable market.

News While You Slept, Semi Tough and Updates on Amgen and Splunk: Market Recon

Also, Fed Chairman Powell says there are no plans for a U.S. digital currency (for now), plus Tesla's electric pickup.

Tesla v Ferrari: Road-Testing 6 Top Auto and Truck Stocks

There are opportunities across the board, from high-performance sports cars and EVs to RVs and trucks.

Peugeot-Fiat Chrysler Merger Should Drive Away Investors

Teaming up these companies will only dilute the value of Jeep brand.

Honeywell Spinoffs Are Not Attracting Strong, Committed Buyers

Let's check out a couple of charts of Garrett Motion and Resideo Technologies.