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Short Self-Driving Car Stocks, It Is Way Too Early to Be Bullish

Trying to invest in disruptive technologies can disrupt your personal wealth - keep shorting Tesla and Uber.

Tesla: The Bell Tolls for Thee

The story of the much-vaunted electric carmaker is beginning to unravel, which makes buying the big dip in its shares a dicey proposition.

Apple Buying Tesla for $240 a Share? I Don't Think So

The headlines I keep seeing talk about if Tesla becomes 'cheap enough' it might get bought.

Buckle Up, Tesla Continues to Point Lower

Traders need to look way back to the end of 2016 for a possible support area.

What's Next for Tesla as Major Investors Dump Shares?

The massive plunge in TSLA shares of late indicates that Wall Street has lost faith in its ability to execute on disruptive technologies.

A Large Outside Week and Lower Close Could Spell Further Weakness for Carvana

The stock has had a good run, but some recent chart developments are worth pointing out.

Trump Tweet Traps Market Pessimists

We are now seeing why it is so important to focus on price action rather than the negative arguments.

3 Names Where Insiders Have Bought Shares for the First Time in a While

Two companies are in the auto industry and the third makes fun pop-culture products.

Checking Back With Tesla and Alphabet, and Checking Out 2 Other Names

Besides revisiting the first two companies, we also look at trade setups for Canopy Growth and Nike.

Tesla Short Interest Surges as Skepticism Abounds on Loan Deal

Tesla short sellers are renewing their revolt against Tesla after a recent capital raise initially sent the stock rallying.