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Charting Tesla's Path of Least Resistance

Let's check the charts of the EV maker to see the road ahead.

Ford Was Downshifting Even Before Word of Parts Shortages

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Don't Be Surprised by a Little Market Irrationality

The bear market case is obvious, but that doesn't mean the market is going to go straight down.

AutoZone Could Get Further Into the Bullish Zone After Big Earnings Beat

The charts of the auto parts retailer should receive a boost from its favorable fourth-quarter results.

Here's Why Traders Are Now More Interested in Rivian Automotive

The electric vehicles company just announced a new partnership.

Shares of NIO Are Slowly Shifting Gears to the Upside

Here's what traders who are long or flat the stock should do now.

Is There Any Doubt That We're in a Recession?

People aren't buying houses and cars, so how can the economy be considered "strong?"

Nvidia's Results Were Ugly: Here's What I'll Need to Invest

This was a poor quarter. The guidance is for another poor quarter. The economy is not a friend of the business right now.

As Rivian Rallies in Runup to Earnings, Do Traders Have a Green Light?

Let's see if this is a signal to sell, buy or proceed with caution.

Carvana Has a Chance to Show More Improvement

We could see some further price recovery in the short-run.