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Jim Cramer: I Profoundly Disagree About Tesla's Stock Being Done

Understand that the reversal today is something that happens in the natural course of a stock that's too heavily shorted, but unlike so many of the heavily shorted stocks, this one is the real deal.

Let's Unpack Tuesday's Rally -- and Some Parabolic Moves

Breadth improved -- somewhat -- but while everyone was yapping about Tesla, did you see what's happening with Microsoft?

Tesla's Parabolic Rise Evokes Nostalgia for Old Commodity Traders

Sure, TSLA could see a period of sideways price action, but a real peak probably won't come until TSLA bulls start leapfrogging each other with higher targets.

Itching to Short Tesla? Here's How I'd Do It If I Wanted to Do It

Enjoy the run, but don't get caught holding the bag.

Jim Cramer: Short Sellers Are Coming Up Short

Much of Tuesday's rally is on the backs of hedge funds who -- poorly positioned for the Wuhan coronavirus -- started shorting virus-related stocks right into Friday.

Market Players Afraid of Missing Out on the Upside

This is not a market acting like it is fearful of a sudden collapse.

Takeaways From These Markets, Oil Is a Bear, Gambling on Tesla: Market Recon

I don't think any of the takeaways have to do with the political mess in Iowa, nor the 'State of the Union' address scheduled for Tuesday night.

Time for a Look Under the Hood at the Indicators

No, not under the hood of that too-hot-to-handle Tesla, but of stats behind the market to see what's coming (hint: some ups and downs).

Monday's a Mixed Bag on the Market, Now Eyes Are on Iowa Caucuses

Tesla rocketed higher in a move similar to the bubble days of 20 years ago.

Real Money Post Industrial Average Leads, but Coronavirus Adds Uncertainty

RMPIA ended January up 0.8%, but now the damage from the Wuhan virus is weighing on the future.