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Welcome to the Jungle: To Reach Investing Paradise, Ya Gotta Keep Pushing

It's no illusion, you need a little patience and pushing to be that one in a million investor.

General Motors: There They Go Again

GM has not innovated any automotive product or feature in the nearly 30 years that I have followed the company. So, why would they try now?

Waymo's $2.25 Billion Round Highlights a Complicated Relationship with Big Auto

Alphabet's self-driving arm is getting funding from several high-profile investors. But no automakers are on the list.

Confidence Will Decide the Fate of the Markets

The world's most levered balance sheet belongs not to a company, but to a country: Japan.

Jim Cramer: We're Getting Spun in a Crazy, Virtuous Circle

This market's bound by earnings and a virus, and both are astonishingly subjective.

Tesla Is Highly Challenged, Hence the Capital Raise

TSLA built a plant in China at exactly the worst time in modern Chinese history because of the spreading coronavirus.

Can't We Just Stay Up Here at These New Highs for a While?

Looking at a chart of spikes in new highs shows they are like one-off events, they fail to build on themselves, expand or improve.

Investing, Trading and Morality: The Challenge of Coronavirus

I hope you never find yourself in a position where you're hoping for a plague to spread or lives to be lost in order to make a buck.

Keep an Eye on Uber's Market Share and Eats Losses as It Pushes for Profits

Though Uber's Q4 adjusted EBITDA guidance was better than expected, the opposite was true of its full-year bookings and revenue guidance.

I'm Not Really Sure of Anything Regarding Tesla's Stock These Days

The shares remain wildly overvalued and you should not buy them.