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Is it Time to Short Tesla?

My plan is to enter into an entry level position on the short side.

The Charts of AutoZone Are Still Trying to Be 'In the Zone'

A fresh look at AZO seems like a good idea.

CarMax Could Back Up in the Short Run Leaving the Longer-Term Up in the Air

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Here's a Steamroller Trade Idea for Nikola

The higher you work your way up the strike ladder, the higher the yield, but my goal here is to find an attractive return with low risk.

Thor Industries Has Been Traveling at Top Speed, Be Prepared for a Correction

Thor's business model allows them to lever up and down production as demand dictates while still remaining profitable.

NIO Is the Quiet Kid in the Class

I expect investors to use NIO as the completion of the EV trifecta for trading and investing.

Oh, This Really Hertz

HTZ should not be valued at five bucks and change -- so, here's how I'd play the low-rent name right now.

Tesla's Revving Up

TSLA is ready to make a fresh upside breakout, so are you 'a long' for the ride?

Jim Cramer: The Next Place to Go? Auto Stocks

People will still go to work. They just won't carpool and they won't take the train. They will drive.

NXP Semiconductors Is Pointed Up but Wait for a Minor Pullback to Buy

Time to review the charts and indicators.