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Tesla and the Great Second-Quarter 'Swindle'

Elon Musk is the Malcolm McLaren of his age.

Tesla's Hit a Yellow Light

Driving deep into the electric car company's earnings shows plenty of reason to tap the brakes.

Can Tesla Ride This Thin Blue Line?

Despite a big miss, the electric car maker is reaching mass appeal and has lots going for it -- and on my chart, the 50-day simple moving average is the track to watch.

Tesla CTO Straubel's Sudden Exit Helps Send Shivers Through Its Shares

J.B. Straubel not only has been at the center of the electric carmaker's technology efforts, but his departure raises the specter of whether other big names will bolt.

Tesla Gaps Sharply Lower, Bringing Chart Support Into Play

If the electric carmaker's chart support is broken its shares could retrace more of Tesla's summer rally.

Tesla Tanks as Profitability Problems Persist, Another Executive Exits

Volatility reigns once again at the electric carmaker, which is seeing JB Straubel depart as chief technology officer.

Jim Cramer: Running Down the BTF vs. WTF Scoreboard

That's Better Than Feared vs. Worse Than Feared when it comes to these companies' latest reports on a big day for earnings.

No Way Harley's an Engine for Growth

Sales declines throw a wrench into news of motorcycle maker's earnings beat.

CarMax Could Run Into Some Engine Trouble in the Weeks Ahead

Here's how I would play the stock right now.

Tesla's Latest Price Changes Simplify Its Sales Message

The price difference between the most expensive version of Tesla's Model 3 sedan, and the cheapest versions of its Model S sedan and Model X crossover, just got bigger.