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Netflix and Tesla Are About to Move Lower

Both Tesla and Netflix have struggled with consistent profitability.

Uber Crashes on Earnings as Losses Accelerate, Erasing Early Optimism

Uber Technologies is taking longer than anticipated to reach profitability as the differences between its business and Lyft become more pronounced.

Latest Tesla Trade Setup Is Bearish

Tesla tends to make big moves, both on the bullish and bearish side, and always seems to be in the news. Here is a short play to try in this name.

7 Ways to Drive to Profits in the Used Car Market

From auto parts to car auctions and online sales, these stocks could put more pep in your portfolio.

Tariffs Could Throw a Wrench in This Engine Maker

After Cummins slipped earlier this week, our charts see bearish signals, so proceed with caution on the long side.

Stalking Telsa and Workday for an Entry

Following TSLA's run into earnings and WDAY's failure to meet its initial upside target at the $231 area so far, let's take a close look at the charts for both.

Lithia Motors: Rev It Up and Go Long on This 'Outlier'

LAD has bullish charts and indicators.

Keys to Get Tesla Revving? Navigating Battery and Self-Driving Tech

Electric car maker remains a 'prove it to me' stock as ambitions hit the road of reality.

Tesla's Margin Pressures and Trust Issues Are Taking the Spotlight Once Again

The electric carmaker's weak earnings report shouldn't be taken as a sign that its demise is imminent. But it is a reminder of why it's hard to trust CEO Elon Musk's many promises.

Tesla and the Great Second-Quarter 'Swindle'

Elon Musk is the Malcolm McLaren of his age.