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Paccar Keeps on Truckin' Toward My Price Target

As the truck manufacturer gets an upgrade, here's what the latest charts and indicators tell us.

Honeywell Still Looks Like a Honey of a Stock to Me

The charts of the diversified technology and manufacturing company remain in an uptrend.

Tesla Is Rocking and Rolling, and We're Cruising to a Trade

Over the weekend, the firm informed us that it had produced and delivered record numbers of vehicles during the second quarter.

The Strength of Ford's Stock Proves Me Wrong

Here's what traders could do now.

Why Has Ford's Stock Failed to Reach Breakout Velocity?

Let's dig into the charts and indicators.

CarMax Looks Like a Trainwreck, But Is Bad Good Enough for a Trade?

Sure the business has been lousy, but the firm is managing the reality of the situation responsibly.

CarMax Surges on Earnings Beat, But Can It Keep It in Drive?

Let's look under the hood of the used car company at the charts and indicators.

Chickens Keep Coming Home to Roost After the Fed's Loose Monetary Policy

Companies that went public a few years back when money was cheap are struggling now, and commercial real estate outfits likely are next on the list.

Tesla Paves Path to Become 'OPEC' of Electric Vehicle Era

Let's look at the automaker's sudden shift forward and a roadmap for investors.

Tesla's Rally Gets More Juice Thanks to General Motors

The electric vehicle maker's stock already was trending higher and is receiving a boost from a deal with GM to use Tesla charging stations.