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Apple Is Showing It Can Defy Gravity, But I Don't Expect It to Last

Here's why I wouldn't run out and buy AAPL right now -- and why the apparent birth of a 'harami' pattern on the candlestick charts are not convincing me the bearish trend is reversing.

CarMax Was Going Into Reverse Even Before Its Disappointing Results

The charts of the big used-car retailer have been weak for months.

A Bear Is at the Wheel of Tesla Right Now

Let's check the charts of this electric vehicle maker to see why traders should swerve away from the long side of the stock.

Now Is Not the Time to Take Rivian for a Ride

Shares of the EV company continue to go downhill and the brakes are not fully engaged.

Tesla's Hitting a Big Speedbump

As we look at Tesla China, we can only come to one conclusion: Estimates for deliveries will have to be reduced.

Bonds as Capital Magnets, Indifferent Equities, Scary Putin, Carvana Crashes

Plus, a look at Chevron's capex plans and the winners of a big military cloud computing contract.

Buy the Weakness in BorgWarner as the Stock Bottoms

Don't rush in, wait for a favorable risk/reward ratio.

Lucid Group Shares Appear in a Race to a Bottom

But it might not be 'the' bottom; let's kick the tires (and charts) of this electric vehicle stock.

Nio Jumps -- but Can It Keep Speed Going Uphill?

Rather than counting on what could happen in China, let's check the charts and indicators for this electric vehicle name.

4 Well-Known Names Kick Off the 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

A social media giant, an online marketplace, a semiconductor producer and an automaker make the latest list of unloved stock losers.