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Tesla Signaled Its Change of Direction Before Thursday's Upside Breakout

Do not count on TSLA pulling back to fill any of the price gap.

Tesla Shares Are in Overdrive, but Will They Run Out of Juice?

TSLA topped $300 on Wednesday morning after releasing strong 3Q earnings that showed a cash position of $5 billion.

Avoid These Stocks as India's Economy Experiences Crunch

The world's fastest-growing major nation has suddenly seen growth lurch lower. That's putting households, farmers and companies off big-ticket purchases such as vehicles.

Uber, Its Stock Hovering Around $30, Has Several Key Positives and Negatives

The ride-hailing leader still has a lot of room to grow, and is starting to see a better U.S. pricing environment. But its cash burn remains substantial, and it's losing some U.S. share to Lyft.

The Charts of Tesla Are Struggling in a Downtrend

Let's hook the electric charger up to the charts and take a look.

Tesla's Deliveries Report Only Features Some of the Numbers Markets Care About

In addition to Telsa's deliveries, Wall Street is paying close attention to the company's margins and cash flows, as the reaction to its July earnings report drove home.

AutoZone Shows Bearish Divergences Ahead of Earnings

Be cautious about 'getting in the zone.'

Carmaker Stocks to Favor and to Avoid Amid a Slumping Asian Auto Sector

Car sales are sliding in China and plummeting in India, which is putting pressure on automakers that sell in those markets.

Carvana May Extend Its Strong Rally to the Round Number of $100

Charts that look at a longer time frame offer bullish signals for the shares of the online car retailer.

Nvidia Surges on Better-Than-Feared Earnings, Stemming Slide in Semiconductors

Nvidia's second-quarter profits were well below its year-ago earnings but were nicely ahead of analyst expectations.