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AutoZone Shares Aren't Quite Yet in the Buy Zone

Let's see what the charts and indicators look like.

GM Stock Is Stuck in Neutral

Overhanging the charts is the fact that the UAW is in negotiations for a new contract.

Rivian Challenges Tesla, But an Investment Is High Reward vs High Risk

If one is invested in RIVN, or bets against it, here's what to expect.

UAW Set for Faceoff Against the Detroit Three: What Investors Need to Know

Will negotiations follow a similar pattern to those between the Teamsters and UPS? Here are the implications for Ford, GM and Stellantis.

GM Reported Earnings, Now We Report on the Charts

Let's see if the pattern will hold.

Call This a Spare-Tire Trade, in Case the Air Comes Out of Tesla

Here's an options trade in the event this automaker hits a pothole.

The Tesla Debate: A Superstar or Just Another Car Company?

The gulf between the skeptics and the true believers is growing wider.

Tesla Disappoints But There's Still a Lot to Like: What's a Trader to Do?

This firm is in a better position fundamentally than just about anyone else trying to compete in the EV sales space.

Carvana Zooms Higher, and I'm Going Along for the Ride

The charts of the car retailer indicate there is more upside to come in its shares, which is why I plan to remain long the stock.

Carvana Suddenly Surges on Unexpected Good News, So Take the Money and Run

The used-car retailer's shares are soaring on word of a debt restructuring deal and that has sent its stock well above my price target.