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Tesla Paves Path to Become 'OPEC' of Electric Vehicle Era

Let's look at the automaker's sudden shift forward and a roadmap for investors.

Tesla's Rally Gets More Juice Thanks to General Motors

The electric vehicle maker's stock already was trending higher and is receiving a boost from a deal with GM to use Tesla charging stations.

Ignore Carvana's Backseat Drivers

I'll take a ride with CVNA, but I will wear my safety belt -- and know when to get out.

How to Play Toyota Now as the EV Space Heats Up

The shares have been in an uptrend from 1985. Yep, 1985.

Carvana Is Making a Phoenix-Like Move Higher

Investors seem to be taking a fresh interest in the company. Is this going to be a flash in the pan or the real deal?

Advance Auto Parts Results Were U-G-L-Y: Is the Stock a Lemon Too?

This balance sheet needs a lot of work.

How Many Forward Gears Does Ferrari Stock Have?

Let's check under the hood.

Here's What Should Recharge Tesla's Rally

I have a new price target for now.

Can Goodyear Tire Keep Burning Rubber?

As the stock rallies on activist investor news, here are our price targets.

Carvana Should Be Just a Rental if You Recently Took It Out for a Drive

The used-car e-commerce platform has had a nice few days, but the short squeeze play could decline quickly if momentum traders exit.