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EVs to Shipping: Top Stock Picks for 2022 in Autos and Transports

Nine investment experts participating in Moneyshow's Top Picks 2022 report discuss electric vehicle names and other ripe areas for finding this year's winners.

Let's Not Forget About Toyota Motor as Autos Remain Strong

Here's our price objective.

Taking Bullish Ford for Another Spin on the Charts

Here's our new price target.

General Motors Should Not Be Ignored

The shares are ready to accelerate higher.

Ford's Moves Are Electrifying: Here's How to Trade It

Within two years, Ford expects to have the capacity to produce 600,000 battery electric vehicles per annum.

Driven Toward Auto Stocks? Here's a Road Map of What to Watch in 2022

Chip woes, China bumps, technology advances and crazy valuations are not out of the rear view.

Market Pause, Trading Lockheed Martin, Apple Talent War, EV Battles, Ford

Market breadth was fairly awful Tuesday, though participation was down. There was no easily traceable move into or away from cyclical nor defensive type sectors.

Trading Tesla? Here's My Plan for the Shares This Week

Wall Street is in love. Right now...

Nikola Is Purely Speculative But Okay for Day Trading

The stars in this industry are Tesla, and now Ford and Lucid.

CarMax Is Red Hot: Here's the Position I'm Inclined to Take

There's no doubt that this is a good business, but can this momentum be sustained once supplies of new vehicles become less constrained?