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CarMax Could Run Into Some Engine Trouble in the Weeks Ahead

Here's how I would play the stock right now.

Tesla's Latest Price Changes Simplify Its Sales Message

The price difference between the most expensive version of Tesla's Model 3 sedan, and the cheapest versions of its Model S sedan and Model X crossover, just got bigger.

Market Climbing a Wall of Worry

This is a bullish market that -- rather than celebrating a dovish Fed and new highs -- fears missing out.

Ford Could Move Higher but Better Opportunities Are Likely Found Elsewhere

Has all the bad news for F been discounted?

Are the Analysts Wrong Again About Tesla?

Although I have some misgivings about the current rally, there is a good short-term trading opportunity developing here.

Here's How I'd Trade Tesla Now

I have shorted this stock for the last time, or at least for the last time unless the narrative changes significantly.

CarMax Could Accelerate to the Round Number of $100 From Here

If President Trump follows through on tariffs for new cars, it will be a huge win for the used car market.

Chart of the Day: Retail Investor Accounts Razed Amid Tesla's Decline

Tesla is tanking Robin Hood accounts.

Musk's Magic May Look Like Tired Tricks, But Stock Still Has Charm

Tesla's promises may be losing cred, but the daily setup on the chart looks interesting -- and would be more so with a management change.

Tesla Is Likely Looking to Take on Battery Problem Itself

Tesla's tight battery supply could be accelerating the need for a new solution.