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QuantumScape Plunges but Is the Damage Over?

Time for another look at the shares as we start 2021.

Velodyne Lidar Is at the Center of Autonomous Vehicles and the Charts Ain't Bad

Let's see what our price objective is.

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The deep-value Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio of a dozen stocks handsomely outperformed the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indices.

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After years of being losers how did everything auto catch fire? Simple: the darned pandemic.

Velodyne Lidar Is Pointed Lower Without Our Hands on the Wheel

Jim Cramer and I are on the same page.

Speculative Piedmont Lithium Is Not for the Faint of Heart

PLL traded sideways to lower until early September when traders may have gotten a hint the company was going to strike a deal with Tesla.

Ford's New CEO Must Now Reckon the Number of the Beast

Jim Farley must walk a fine line of adapting to new realities, maintaining Ford's fortress balance sheet, and keeping the family happy. Here's my take on the name.

AutoZone Shares Could Run Into Speed Bumps From the Broader Market

The charts and indicators of the auto parts retailer are in pretty good shape, but market weakness could drag down its stock.