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Can O'Reilly Automotive Continue to Fire on All Cylinders?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I've Got a Message for Nikola's CEO, and He May Not Like It

An investor's job -- long or short -- is to take the opposite side of a position, and here's why we should take a critical look at this electric vehicle company.

I Have an Answer on Nikola, but You Might Not Like It

Beware of 'confirmation bias,' especially when it comes to this company's stock and warrants.

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A fresh look at AZO seems like a good idea.

Jim Cramer: The Next Place to Go? Auto Stocks

People will still go to work. They just won't carpool and they won't take the train. They will drive.

Marvell Technology Could Continue Its Rise, So Here's How to Play It

A look at the charts and shares of this chipmaker.

AutoZone Looks Like It Will Be Driving Higher

Let's check out the charts of the country's largest auto parts chain.

Reading the Warrant's Fine Print: I Missed a Twist in the VectoIQ Analysis

Let me correct the record on the VectoIQ-Nikola deal's warrants.

This Year's Tax-Loss-Selling Recovery Portfolio Is a Real Loser So Far

This experiment in trying to identify stocks that could come back after dismal year-ago performance isn't going well five months since its inception.

Tracking Potential Buy Setups for 3 Stocks Amid the Panic Selling

AutoZone, Facebook and Lowe's could offer opportunities for trade entries.