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AutoZone Shows Bearish Divergences Ahead of Earnings

Be cautious about 'getting in the zone.'

7 Ways to Drive to Profits in the Used Car Market

From auto parts to car auctions and online sales, these stocks could put more pep in your portfolio.

Can Tesla Ride This Thin Blue Line?

Despite a big miss, the electric car maker is reaching mass appeal and has lots going for it -- and on my chart, the 50-day simple moving average is the track to watch.

The Value Portfolio Holds Its Own, but Takes a Breather

These 22 stocks in the aggregate are still outpacing the Russell 2000 and Russell Microcap indices, but by a narrower margin than before.

STAG Industrial Gives Investors a Chance to Profit From Industrial Real Estate

Investors can reap a nice monthly income stream through STAG Industrial, which owns tens of millions of square feet of warehouses, distribution centers and light manufacturing facilities.

Chart of the Day: Tesla Needs Capital, Tell That to Creditors

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk need to work magic to keep their cash position in hand.

Insider Buying Is Still Alive and Well at These 3 Companies

Insider purchases have tapered off from their frenzied pace in late 2018, but here are three names where such buying is evident.

Hedge Fund Elliott Combats Hyundai, and South Korea's Corporate Culture

Activist activity is unusual in South Korea, where essentially all the major companies are controlled by a handful of all-powerful chaebol conglomerates.

Delphi Technologies Looks Ready to Drive the Other Way

DLPH has formed a 'bullish reversal pattern.'

Jim Cramer: Why I Have Endlessly Recommended AutoZone

They take the cash and buy the shares back.