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Classic Car Market Still Rolling Despite Drop in Oil, Foreign Buyers

The market for classic cars has been on a roll in the past decade.

Sotheby’s Is Revved Up to Auction This 1956 Ferrari for $32M

Ferrari, Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz - these are just a few of the iconic cars that will be auctioned off this week at Sotheby's (BID).

$3 Billion Worth of Art Goes Up for Grabs in Miami This Week

Art Basel, Miami Beach kicks off this week, showcasing $3 billion worth of art at auction.

Priceline Reports Weak Guidance; U.S. Stocks Open Lower on Fed Worries

Stocks opened lower on Monday morning as investors prep for the Fed's looming rate hike, which the markets say will occur with certainty during the central bank's December meeting.

Christie's Is About to Auction This Nude Painting By Modigliani for $100M

Recent worries over a global recession aren’t bleeding into the art world as auction house Christie’s gets set to sell a 100-year old nude painting for $100 million.

Sotheby’s Is About to Sell $500M Worth of Picassos, Modiglianis and Rothkos

Sotheby’s (BID) is gearing up for what could be its biggest auction in history.

As Green Victories Accumulate, Oil Stocks Could Begin to Feel the Pinch

Dan Dicker, Energy contributor for TheStreet, notes with Jim Cramer the recent turn of political pressure and activity against fossil fuels.

Warren Buffett Talks About the Fed, China, and Turning 85

Legendary investor Warren Buffett said he has no idea what the Federal Reserve will do with interest rates next week, but he doesn't base his investment decisions on the Fed.

Avoid Puerto Rico Munis, High Yield Bonds and Troubled Drillers

Investors may be too wrapped up in the slipping U.S. stock market to notice Puerto Rico’s troubles, but the Island’s problems are worsening.

Ringo’s ‘Help’ Jacket, Jim Morrison’s Letters for Sale

Ringo Starr’s screen-worn jacket from the 1965 film ‘Help!’ is on the auction block.